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ZEISS Image Analysis Software Solutions

Powerful, Versatile, Scalable

Are you getting the insights you need from your image analysis software? As your lab and data grow, will your current tools evolve with you? Accelerate your time to results, incorporate AI, and tackle new challenges with the ZEISS arivis portfolio. Our tools are designed to support your journey. 

  • Flexible tools and operators to build one-click pipelines
  • Rich AI availability: pretrained, customizable, open-source (integrated Cellpose), or DIY
  • Big data-friendly, importing most file formats
  • Scalable, repeatable analysis solutions

Discover Image Analysis Possibilities with ZEISS

Flexible, Scalable Workflows to Get the Answers You Need

At ZEISS, we provide a comprehensive range of software solutions for image analysis. Our portfolio covers everything from basic measurements to advanced assays, and all options can be integrated with AI technology if desired. With our user-friendly tools, defining your analysis task and identifying what you want to discover is now within reach.

  • Cell Biology

    Examining cells in culture, microorganisms, model organisms or whole mammalian systems, we can help you study static and dynamic processes such as:

    • Morphology and structure
    • Differentiation and development
    • Interactions with surroundings
    • Tracking particles and structures
    • Effects of drugs or treatments
    • Subcellular localization
    • Gene expression
  • Cancer Research

    Build on the basic cell biology component when studying spheroids, tumeroids, or organoids, zenografts or model systems to analyze:

    • Tumor growth and metastasis
    • Tumor microenvironment
    • Spatial organization of cells in tumors or organoids
    • Proliferation rates
    • Protein expression levels and distribution
  • Neuroscience

    From whole cleared tissue to slices or neuronal cultures, learn more about:

    • Tracing Neuronal Pathways
    • Mapping Connections
    • Morphology and structure of dendrites, axons, synapses, spines, and more
    • Distribution of proteins and cellular structures in brain tissue
  • Biotech/Pharma

    Scalable solutions in your field of research with arivis Hub:

    • Leverage analysis performed on a single data set to run bulk parallelized processing
    • Register and browse image collections, experiments, and results from anywhere
    • Manage access for users and groups
    • Import and archive original datasets
    • Flexible pricing for throughput bursts
    • Increase efficiency with scalable computation

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