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Legal notice

This legal notice applies to this website and domain. It does not apply to the websites and domains of ZEISS companies that, for example, have amended legal information due to national legislation. Therefore, please note the legal notices of all ZEISS websites you visit or programs you use.ZEISS websites you visit or programs you use.

In some cases, ZEISS websites also contain links to websites of third-party, non-ZEISS companies to which these legal notices do not apply.

Information published under the ZEISS domain may contain references to products and services which have not been advertised or made available in your country. Such information does not imply that ZEISS intends to offer these products or services in your country at a later date. If necessary, you may contact our regional sales organization which will be pleased to provide you with information on the availability of these products and services. The presentation of the products and services on our website does not constitute a binding sales offer.

If software is offered for download free of charge, ZEISS assumes no liability for any damages resulting from the download or use of the software. The download and use of the software is carried out exclusively at the user's own risk and without any liability or warranty, except in the event of any intent or gross negligence on the part of ZEISS.

In several places, we mention and provide links to third party websites. We do this only if we are completely convinced of the seriousness of the provider concerned. However, ZEISS is not responsible for the data privacy stipulations or contents of these websites and assumes no liability in this regard.  

ZEISS holds and reserves all rights to the content and layout of its websites. The intellectual property contained on our websites and our brands are protected. The text, images, and graphics on our websites and their layout etc., as well as animations and software are subject to copyright law and other protective legislation. Reproduction, rendition or playback of the whole or parts thereof is prohibited unless our written permission has been obtained in advance. This website does not grant any license for the use of the intellectual property. ZEISS reserves the right to change, suspend or close down websites at any time and without prior notice.

Despite the careful compilation of the content of our website, we assume no liability for its correctness, accuracy, completeness or for undisrupted access to it. Insofar as is legally permissible, we assume no liability for direct or indirect damages including loss of earnings arising from the use of our website, or in connection with information made available on the website. We reserve the right to change or supplement the information provided, and to do so at any time.

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System certifications

The ZEISS management system is certified according to the most important system standards. It is periodically assessed and monitored by accredited certification partners.

You can view our system certificates via the customer database of our global certification partner DQS  (with the exception of our certificates for energy management in accordance with ISO 50001).

We will be happy to send you further or not found certificates on request.

General Terms and Conditions

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