New business areas, new ways

How ZEISS shapes the future

Those who aim to succeed in the future, must lead the way today. This includes departing from the beaten track and looking for new business areas.

ZEISS focuses on three aspects: digital transformation in cooperation with ZEISS Digital Partners, investing in new ideas through ZEISS Ventures and living a start-up culture. Last but not least, proximity to academic research is the key to new innovations. ZEISS is promoting this at the Innovation Hub in Dresden and Karlsruhe.

ZEISS Digital Partners

ZEISS Digital Partners

Ideas become innovations

The ZEISS Digital Partners are the in-house digital booster with one goal: to refine innovative solutions for customers and expedite digitalization at ZEISS. Modern methods are the key to digital success.

ZEISS Ventures

ZEISS Ventures

Those who shape the market of tomorrow

To believe in a future is to believe in good ideas. With ZEISS Ventures, ZEISS wants to live out this conviction and help start-ups gain a foothold in the economy. The goal is to support them all the way from the idea to market maturity – and a collaboration from which everyone benefits.

ZEISS InnovationHubs

ZEISS Innovation Hubs

Research of today, applications of tomorrow

The ZEISS innovation hubs create an ecosystem through their proximity to university research, start-ups and partners that connects ZEISS with students, researchers and companies. This creates a force that significantly accelerates the transformation of ideas into innovations.