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ZEISS at the 2024 AACR Annual Meeting

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San Diego, CA | Booth #3227
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Your research consumes your thoughts, queuing up questions on how you can see more, see deeper, capture the moment, and make a breakthrough. But what lies beyond your current systems and software capabilities? Discover new innovations to help make the data you seek, visible.

Leverage our experts to help you connect your needs to the right solution, the right training, and the right settings for repeatability.

As your partner, we are focused on sustainability, leveraging our digital efficiencies to fulfill your needs, wherever you are in your consideration process. We are your resource, your network for achieving your next breakthrough. We believe that you are the power behind what’s possible, let us help you find innovations to achieve your discoveries, faster.

Stop by the ZEISS booth #3227 at the 2024 AACR Annual Meeting to explore researcher discoveries on our interactive wall, discover our products in a VR showroom, attend a virtual live product demonstration and to talk to our experts. 

We look forward to seeing you in San Diego!

Discover what's new at ZEISS

Attend a workflow session to learn more about our latest microscopy solutions:

As part of a commitment to sustainability, ZEISS has chosen not to ship instrumentation to tradeshows any longer. We are excited to offer you an engaging and interactive alternative by connecting you directly with our microscopes and applications experts in Dublin, CA, directly from the tradeshow floor.

We're showcasing multiple virtual workflow sessions at AACR. Learn more and request a session below:

  • Connect your 2D and 3D imaging methodologies to gain the full context - from large overviews to detailed high resolution regions of interest

    Connect your high throughput and high resolution spatialomic workflows. Zen Connect allows you to effortlessly use your whole slide image for the Axioscan 7 to quickly hone in on key ROIs, acquire 3D high resolution images with the LSM 980 followed by segmentation and analysis in arivis.

  • Discover fast optical sectioning and gentle super resolution with new ZEISS Lattice SIM 3

    Introducing the revolutionary Lattice SIM 3 - the live cell super resolution imaging solution that enables researchers to delve into the finest details of their samples with lightning-fast, gentle, and accurate super-resolution imaging. Experience unparalleled flexibility and versatility as you transition from a large field of view to super-resolution details, all with the power of SIM Apotome technology. With the Lattice SIM 3, cancer biologists can unlock the true potential for fast optical sectioning and gentle super-resolution, enabling them to study their samples from small organisms and organoids down to cellular and subcellular levels. Discover the ultimate imaging solution to meet the needs of today's challenges in cancer biology - the Lattice SIM 3.

  • Explore unprecedented gentle live cell imaging with ZEISS Lattice Lightsheet 7

    Discover the power of the ZEISS Lattice Lightsheet 7 for long-term live cell imaging. With its gentle lattice lightsheet imaging, ZEISS Lattice Lightsheet 7 allows for rapid volumetric imaging of even the most sensitive samples, with minimal phototoxicity and bleaching. See how the Lattice Lightsheet 7 can provide valuable insights into the behavior and development of cancerous cells, enabling you to investigate potential treatments and advance your research.

  • Explore the potential of image analysis solutions, from traditional methods to tailored AI

    Learn new ways to improve your work and achieve better results using the ZEISS arivis portfolio of software. Walk through our building blocks for analysis including established operators, custom code, open-source AI models, and customized deep learning models – all while handling data up to terabytes in size. Explore collaboration tools, VR options and scalable automated analysis.

Microscopy Ecosystem for Biotechs & Pharma Industry

Did you know ZEISS has dedicated solutions designed to help you achieve your R&D milestones? Let us help you be more efficient and effective without compromising quality. Learn more about how to maximize microscopy solutions for the Life Sciences industry by visiting our booth to talk to our experts. If you are a new biotech, check out the benefits of our New Biotech Startup Program. 

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