21 persons viewing the same object simultaneously using multidiscussion system.

Multidiscussion System

For Training and Consultation

Use the co-observation system for training and consultation, especially in the field of medicine.  Profit from the direct impression of the microscopic image! The great contrast in the original image allows you to see finer structures and color nuances than a monitor can deliver.  This turns your observations into a real-time experience with all the other co-observers.

Your ZEISS multidiscussion system is particularly useful for co-observation of histologically stained transmitted-light tissue sections or blood smears.

  • Up to 21 persons may view the same object microscopically simultaneously
  • Identical image orientation regardless of the configuration of the system
  • Fast and flexible possibility of increasing the number of co-observer workstations
  • Extremely stable - no expensive special tables are required
Field of View

Field of View

Better Overview. Better Orientation.

Profit from a full 23 mm field of view with homogeneous illumination, not only to the main observer, but to all co-observers as well: all participants enjoy a better overview of a larger area of the specimen.

Your ZEISS multidiscussion system shows identical image orientation for all co-observers. Regardless of the configuration and number of observers, each co-observer sees the same image in the same orientation as the main observer. It does not matter whether 2 or 20 observers are working on the system, or whether it is configured in a straight line or around 5 corners. Irritations caused by rotated or mirrored images are therefore ruled out right from the start – top left is always top left for each and every observer.

Use the sensitive movable light pointer to precisely highlight or outline interesting structures or striking histological details of your specimen. Adjust intensity and color (white, green, red) to ensure optimal visibility of the pointer when reviewing specimens with different stains.



Flexible Configuration. Stable Conditions.

Choose from 4 basic components to set up virtually any configuration – tailored precisely to the required number of co-observers and the available space. All configurations can be realized with a combination of simple, standard tables, with a width between 50 and 70 cm.

If you want to expand your existing multidiscussion system, you can even mix and match with new modules.

Due to the considerable forces exerted on them, traditional multidiscussion systems can easily tip or twist. This not only puts pressure on the mechanics, but also impairs the performance of the optical system. With your ZEISS multidiscussion system each tube has its own support, optimally positioned at its center of gravity. This makes your system very stable. Adjust the height of each support separately and, thanks to the ball and-socket joint, any slight unevenness of the table or floor is automatically compensated for.

Light-Intensive Varaint

Light-Intensive Variant

Greater Intensity. More Comfort.

For co-observation of your most demanding samples and weak fluorescent signals, choose the light-intensive variant with just one extra co-observer station. Here the available light is split equally between the main observer and co-observer, ensuring that even weakest signals can be observed with sufficient intensity.

To support your complete concentration on the sample, your ZEISS microscopes are equipped with outstanding optics and solid mechanics, and are also extremely user-friendly. Numerous details play a role here:

  • the convenient arrangement of the control elements
  • the sensitive and precise operation
  • the options for adapting the microscope to various users

Even with the basic version of the Axio Imager you profit from a light manager that saves you many manual adjustments. Your motorized Axio Imager.M2 and Axio Imager.Z2 offer complete, automatic setting of intensity, contrast techniques, diaphragm settings, neutral filter switching, etc.

How-to Video

  • See how multidiscussion works on ZEISS Axioscope 5

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