3D Mineralogy Solutions for Your Geoscience, Mining, Oil and Gas, and Energy Research
Applications for Natural Resources

3D Mineralogy

Understand Your Mineral Like Never Before

Investigate natural resources samples in their true forms, without mechanical alteration by using 3D mineralogy. Understand composition, mineral relationships, and fabric of geological materials, including locked grains.

  • CT-automated quantitative mineralogy
  • Volumetric measurements
  • Streamlined segmentation
  • Classification of mineralogy in a copper sulfide ore using Mineralogic 3D.

Characterize Mineral Deposits in Meteorites

Quantitative Grain Size/Shape Analysis and Mineral Associations

Challenging-to-image samples such as the Winchcombe meteorite shown here. Carbonaceous chondrite clasts, 44 in total, were identified in the matrix of the Winchcombe meteorite.

Ore Body Characterization

Investigate Your Sample in Its True Form

Phase identification in minerals in 3D using the VersaXRM or Context with DeepRecon Pro. Mineralogic 3D enables investigation of samples in their true form, without mechanical alteration, and see 100% of it. In this image, pyrite is represented by orange, chalcopyrite is purple. The grey rock in the background is gangue, or worthless mineral.

Particle Analysis

Particle Analysis

Segmentation and Measurement

With ZEISS Mineralogic 3D, you benefit from the application of advanced and flexible machine learning protocols that recognize individual particles even when they are in contact with other particles of the same composition. Particles are then analyzed individually to provide a series of pertinent outputs such as modal mineralogy, volume, porosity, feret dimensional measurements, associations, and liberation.

Analysis of a comminuted ore sample reveals mineralogical, morphological, and liberation details of the constituent mineralogy

Mineral Processing

Data-driven Decision-Making

Increasing demand on resources has led to the evaluation of more complex, lower grade, ores. Maximizing recovery requires improvements in efficiency that involve detailed knowledge of the ore body, and of the mineralogy that influences behavior during the beneficiation process. When time is of the essence, Mineralogic 3D produces the actionable data needed for decision making, from comminution improvements, through process enhancements, to assessing the quality of the final concentrate.

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