Scout-and-Scan Instrument Control System

Scout-and-Scan Instrument Control System

Easily target regions of interest and specify scanning parameters with the intuitive and easy-to-use Scout-and-Scan Control System for Xradia Versa/Context instruments. ​

Regular updates to Scout-and-Scan’s functionality are part of ZEISS X-ray Microscopy’s ‘Protect Your Investment’ strategy – a commitment to delivering innovation that extends the lifetime and productivity of instruments in the field with upgradable modules and new capabilities.

*V16.0 requires Windows10 to run.

Latest release: Scout-and-Scan Version 16.0

Scout-and-Scan V16.0 is the latest version of software for Xradia Versa and Context systems. It is fully compatible with Windows 10 and provides the following capabilities to our users:

  • Enhanced Scout-and-Zoom Workflow​
  • ZEISS Predictive Service ​
  • SmartShield Compatibility​
  • XRM Python API​
  • XRM DataExplorer​ ​
  • Compatibility with Advanced Reconstruction Toolbox

*V16.0 requires Windows10 to run.

Enhanced Scout-and-Zoom Workflows​

Scout-and-Zoom is a unique capability of ZEISS X-ray Microscopy (XRM) instruments. It allows a user to perform a low resolution, large field of view, “Scout” scan to identify interior regions for higher resolution “Zoom” scans. ​

Now with Scout-and-Zoom (V15.0 & V16.0) in  3 simple steps, the user can:​

  1. Open a reconstructed dataset in Scout-and-Scan software​
  2. Use Position Selector tool to select the desired location and import coordinates into X, Y , Z axes.​
  3. Hit  "GO“  and  DONE!​

ZEISS Predictive Service ​

Once enabled*: ​

  • Allows for continuous monitoring of your system’s health by  XRM system experts via a Secure Connection​
  • Helps predict and prevent system failures to eliminate unscheduled downtime​
  • Reduces Mean Time to Repair  (MTTR)​
  • Stay  connected  for future enhancements to improve system uptime

Download the ZEISS Predictive Service brochure  to learn more

*Predictive Service requires a network connection and customer approval before being setup. This tool only monitors system health and does not log any customer acquisition/sample related information.​

SmartShield Compatibility​

SmartShield is a fully integrated hardware-software solution designed to create digital sample envelopes to assist the operator during the sample setup in their workflow. It is an automated protection system to help users confidently position their sample and instrument components for maximum efficiency and high-quality results. ​

With SmartShield installed on your instrument, Scout-and-Scan V16.0 provides benefits with:​

  • 3D awareness for  sample and instrument safety  
  • Enhanced  operator efficiency  during sample setup​
  • Fully integrated  with Scout-and-Scan V16.0 for fast model creation within  5 minutes​

SmartShield is compatible, and field upgradable, on all Xradia 620/610/520/510 Versa and Xradia Context MicroCT platforms. Prerequisites include Windows 10 and Scout-and-Scan V16.0 or higher.

Sample Envelope Application Example

XRM Python API

Scout-and-Scan V16.0 comes with an XRM Python Application Programming Interface (API) giving users access to microscope operation and data handling through custom-written external scripts and programs. The API enables a new class of automation and experimental setup for advanced applications such as custom  in situ  experiments.​

With this capability, you can:​

  • Expand  instrument control  capabilities​
  • Access metadata  for image processing and visualization ​
  • Use Python API within a  user-friendly  and intuitive way ​

Basic Python coding experience is required to make use of the API, and documentation is provided.

Compatibility with Advanced Reconstruction Toolbox​

The Advanced Reconstruction Toolbox is an innovative platform for accessing advanced reconstruction technologies. Unique modules leverage deep understanding of both X-ray physics and customer applications to solve some of the hardest imaging challenges in new and innovative ways.​

  • Improve data collection and analysis for  accurate and faster  decision-making​
  • Greatly enhance  image quality​
  • Achieve superior interior tomography or throughput on a broad class of samples​
  • Reveal subtle difference through  improved contrast-to-noise​
  • Increase speed at an order of magnitude for sample classes requiring repetitive workflow​

Download the Advanced Reconstruction Technologies brochure to learn more

Additional Under-the-Hood improvements​

In addition to the features above, upgrade to the latest Scout-and-Scan software to benefit from:​

  • Major Bug Fixes ​
  • Back-end software optimization ​
  • Service-related features to streamline instrument maintenance and reduce unnecessary downtime​


ZEISS Predictive Service

ZEISS Smartshield Upgrade

Advanced Reconstruction Technologies

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