Imaging Systems and Imaging Technologies for Microscopy

Imaging Systems – Complete Hard & Software Solutions for Your Imaging Needs

Imaging Systems

Imaging Systems mostly combine traditional wide-field microscopy components with powerful computer hardware and sophisticated imaging technologies. These products are the right solutions for your highly automated tasks and subcellular investigations.

Celldiscoverer 7

The reliable automated live cell imaging platform. Combine the ease-of-use of an automated boxed microscope with the image quality and flexibility of a classic inverted research microscope

Lightsheet Z.1

Use light sheet fluorescence microscopy for long term Multiview imaging of large and living specimens

Axio Scan.Z1

Your automated slide scanner for reproducible results. Digitize your samples and create your library of virtual slides


Use Apotome.2 to create optical sections and quasi-confocal images without laser excitation light. This structured illumination system is a simple add-on to your Axio Imager or Axio Observer

Cell Observer

Document movement, shape and physiological processes of living cells. Carry out experiments at with reproducible results

Smartzoom 5

Smartzoom 5 is your smart digital microscope - ideal for quality control and quality assurance applications in virtually every field of industry

Particle Analysis Systems

Measure and classify particles to monitor and document cleanliness of your manufacturing processes. Use fully integrated modular systems and get documentation following common industry standards


Analyse non-metallic inclusions in steel. The integrated NMI system provides reproducible results according to common steel standards like the new EN 10247