ZEISS Microscopy

MicroToolbox (MTB)

MicroToolbox gives programmers easy and comprehensive access to microscope control. It provides hardware abstraction, allowing to control several microscope types with the same application programming interface.

Please Read Before You Start the Download

There are different installations available for 32 and 64 bit systems:

Redistribution Kit (RDK)
This contains all files necessary at run-time of the MTB. If the .net Runtime is already installed on the target PC, it is possible to reduce download times by using the smaller installation without the .net Runtime.
These installations are allowed to be distributed together with the software of the licensee.

Software Development Kit (SDK)
The SDK is an add-on for the RDK, containing the documentation, sample programs inclusive source code and debug tools. Prerequisite for the installation of the SDK is an installed RDK of the same MTB version.
The SDK may only be used for the software development of the licensee. It is not allowed to pass it on to others. Therefore, please use the RDK (Redistribution Kit)!

MTB 2011

For controlling Axio Examiner, Axio Imager, Axio Observer,  Axio Scope, Axio Zoom, Celldiscoverer, SmartProof, Axio Vert, Axiovert 200 and SteREO microscopes and their equipment.

  • For controlling of accessories like stages, illumination, filter sets, shutter, incubation...
  • Is a server, which allows controlling the microscope, automatically monitors the components and reports all changes in condition by events
  • Contains a configuration program which determines broadly automatically the present microscope configuration
  • Multiclient and multithreading capable
  • .net or COM Interface
  • may simulate devices: programming and demos are possible even without hardware
  • can be used under Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
  • contains in SDK additionally: a documentation of the API, sample programs for using MTB 2011 under .net and under COM (inclusive source files) and testing program
Download MTB 2011


For 64 bit Systems

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Versions and Installation Notes