Coating Technologies

Market leading coatings for improved visual performances

With our technical know-how we can ensure your laboratory is producing coatings flawlessly: we offer a comprehensive portfolio of lens coating options for anti-reflective, hard coat, specialty coat, mirror and tinted coating solutions. Each offering protection, comfort and enhanced cosmetics to improve the overall performance of the lens and improved clarity of vision. From the inventors of AR Coating (1935).

Our portfolio of lens coating options

Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating

We offer a complete portfolio of Anti-Reflective coating options, each delivering superior visual performance, clarity and durability.

  • Standard AR
  • Super-hydro AR
  • Oleophobic AR
  • Anti-static AR
  • HEV Blue Light AR
  • Low Back UV AR
  • Green and Blue reflex hue options

Hard Coating

From the inception of the first hard coats in 1986, performance and quality have been continuously developed, offering protection, durability and confidence to the wearer.

  • High performance dip hard-coating options
  • Standard and high-index options
  • Exceptional AR compatibility
  • Tested to international standards

Sunlens Mirrors, Tints & Speciality Coatings

We offer a great range of specialty coating solutions for enablement within your laboratory including:
  • Solid and flash mirrors in a wide range of colors
  • Solid and gradient tints
  • Speciality colors for medical purposes