Services and Business Solutions

to help you stand out from the crowd.

Offering a host of inspiring support programs, services and bespoke business solutions, such as engineering, training, operations excellence, marketing, financing support, intellectual property licensing and more, ZEISS is here to support your success. Whether you are a small start-up or established business, ZEISS can support you on your journey to business success. With our team of experts located around the world we are here to support you both remotely and face to face.

Enablement Services and Business Solutions

Achieving results from the start

Getting started with on-site freeform or coating enablement technology requires more than just equipment. Our world-class engineering team can support you with on-site installation and remote support including LMS setup testing, process support, operator training, process training and equipment maintenance. We support you from start to finish.

  • Installation & Lab Technical Support

    Uncover process improvements and recommendations upon install, through our Lab audit service. Highly experienced technicians undertake tailored audits for all areas of production.

    • Freeform, Hard Coating and AR Coating
    • Detailed audit reports and analysis provided
    • Development of process improvement & technology roadmaps¬†
    • Trouble-shooting & operator training
  • Click Services & Lens Pre-calculation

    Ensure the best cosmetic outcomes are achieved before production even begins, by analyzing and evaluating the different geometries of your prescription lens designs.

    • Comprehensive review of each design
    • Prescription, base curve and thickness check
    • 3D virtual representation with frame shape
  • Equipment Maintenance

    Maintaining the service and ongoing calibration of your equipment is vital to achieve peak production and reliable lab output.

    • Experts proficient across multiple platforms
    • Scheduled maintenance of coating equipment
    • Functionality checks and component rebuilds where necessary

  • Engineering Consultancy

    Construction and refurbishment of any optical laboratory requires an intricate level of planning, only an industry professional can provide. Engage us to help you manage your next project.

    • Project management & expert assistance
    • Facility layouts & equipment recommendation
    • Ensure peak lab performance from the start
  • Consumables

    As an essential element to all premium products, ZEISS offer an extensive range of consumables. Manufactured to stringent ZEISS quality standards, all consumables available to you are also used within the ZEISS global laboratory network.

    • Surfacing process consumables
    • Consumables and accessories for hard coating and anti-reflection coating equipment

  • Cut, Edge & Fit process & training

    We offer holistic support to Remote Edging and Cut, Edge and Fit processes, including operator training.

    • Frame tracer integration
    • Lens optimization to frame shape
    • Finishing Excellence training
  • Marketing support

    Facilitate success through our marketing tools and programs, to help create demand and facilitate communication to all your target audiences. We aim to achieve sustainable growth for your business.

    • Customizable marketing templates
    • Portfolio dispensing guides
    • Patient Sales tools
    • Fact sheets & centration charts
    • Available in multiple Languages

Training & Quality Services

Ongoing support programs for improved lab performance

Drive greater efficiencies, increased profitability and customer satisfaction with our series of training and quality service modules. Our ongoing technical support programs are specifically designed to generate efficient and stable laboratory processes, ensuring future sustainable success.

  • Operator Training & Education

    Educate your team with our specialist range of training and support materials - available electronically or face to face.

    • Freeform process training
    • Coatings process training
    • Quality systems training
    • Lab Trouble-shooting
  • Product Auditing

    Ensure your laboratory is producing to the highest level through a tailored product quality auditing program.

    • Ensure confidence in design and coating quality and consistency
    • Define areas of process improvement
    • Production quality has a direct impact on customer satisfaction
  • Operations Excellence

    Efficient and stable laboratory processes are critical to a smooth and successful operation. Aiming for overall operations excellence, our experts can work directly with your business to:

    • Conduct laboratory performance audits
    • Implement a customized, continuous improvement plan
    • Using LEAN and Six Sigma techniques
  • Quality Systems

    Implement international ISO standards, ensuring your products and services comply with applicable standards.

    • Support your ISO 9001 certification plans
    • Develop a tailored quality management system
    • Build robust KPIs to track your business