ZEISS BlueGuard

Easy on the eyes. More protection. Less reflection.

  • Smiling man surrounded by digital devices wearing glasses with ZEISS BlueGuard for blue light protection.
  • Spend a lot of time staring at screens?
  • Experiencing symptoms of digital eye strain?
  • Want blue light protection without the intense purple reflection?
We’ve got you covered. Unlike blue light-blocking coatings, BlueGuard® by ZEISS uses the latest organic, chemical technology to incorporate blue light protection into your lens material. Enjoy better protection and better looks.

Keep the blues away.

With ZEISS BlueGuard glasses, blue light blocking technology is built into your clear lens material. It blocks up to 40% of potentially harmful blue light and provides full UV protection – a dynamic duo defending your eyes.1  
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Why are blue light glasses so important?

Blue light is…

a small segment of the electromagnetic waves that make up visible light. It consists of short, high-energy waves in the wavelength from 380-500 nm. The sun is by far the most intense and biggest source of blue light. But modern light sources such as displays, screens and LED light bulbs have increased our daily exposure to artificial blue light.

Longitudinal chromatic aberrations of blue light may also lead to visual discomfort.

What does it do to your eyes?

Your eyes are not naturally equipped to keep out blue light. It is not all bad and can actually benefit your mood and sleep-wake-cycle. Using digital devices up close or for long periods of time may however contribute to symptoms of digital eye strain. That’s because blue light also scatters more easily than other light. Your eyes could interpret this as a kind of ‘visual noise,’ making it difficult to focus. Longitudinal chromatic aberrations of blue light may also lead to visual discomfort.

Give your eyes a break.

Tired eyes? Dry eyes? Burning eyes? Headaches? Visual discomfort? Spending so much time on screens is hard work for your eyes. ZEISS blue light blocking lenses are designed to address digital eye strain in our always on-screen world. Your eyes will thank you.  

Tips to fight digital eye strain
Man touching his inner eyes, struggling with a headache or tired eyes.

What is digital eye strain (DES)?

Digital eye strain is a group of eye and vision problems caused by excessive computer or digital device use.

Common symptoms of DES include:

  • Dry, irritated or tired eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Headaches
  • Visual discomfort

What can you do to help your eyes?

Thankfully, it is possible to treat DES – and its effects are often reversible. Symptoms can be alleviated by wearing blue light filter glasses like ZEISS BlueGuard and being conscious of your screen habits.

Experts recommend the 20-20-20 rule:

Take a 20-second break
A young man wearing BlueGuard glasses, busy with his smartphone.
to look at something 20 feet away
A young man wearing BlueGuard glasses, looking out the window.
every 20 minutes
A young man wearing BlueGuard glasses, looking down at his smartwatch showing 20 minute countdown.

Purple is so last year.

Some blue light blocking lens coatings cause annoying blue-purple reflections on your lenses.

BlueGuard® effectively absorbs blue light with far less reflection. Clearer vision, less glare – and you'll look and feel fantastic on those video calls.

ZEISS BlueGuard – technology built into the lens material.

The result

  • 93%

    93% of wearers feel less digital eyestrain.2

  • 50%

    Up to 50% fewer reflections of digital blue light compared to our ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect lens coating.3

  • 95%

    95% of wearers prefer ZEISS BlueGuard over their previous lenses.2

Don’t stop now – there’s more.

Other lens ingredients to go with ZEISS BlueGuard.

Our great blue light blocking technology is just one part of your lenses – you have more options to choose from. Let’s have a look.

Most of us stare at screens quite a lot. Whatever your prescription, BlueGuard®by ZEISS is an excellent add-on for relaxed eyes throughout the day.

Lenses with ZEISS BlueGuard technology are perfect to help you beat eye strain during your screen-filled, always-online days. It can be added to any of our lens designs. We think ZEISS SmartLife is the perfect match.

You’ve upgraded your lenses with built-in blue light protection. Remember to fine tune their optics to your unique face and frame.

ZEISS BlueGuard includes UVProtect technology – which means all-round protection for your eyes – even while wearing your clear lenses. It’s also standard in ZEISS PhotoFusion X if you'd like a self-tinting option.

ZEISS BlueGuard doesn’t only look better with fewer purple reflections. It’s also available in a wide range of indices - for the thin and light lenses that feel great.

Add any lens coating of your choice with ZEISS BlueGuard to make your glasses more durable and easy to clean. Note: A ZEISS BlueProtect coating won’t make sense – this feature is already covered.

Any questions?

  • Absolutely! Our PhotoFusion X photochromic lenses already include ZEISS BlueGuard technology to effectively block blue light – indoors and outside.

  • ZEISS BlueGuard technology blocks up to 40% of harmful blue light from reaching your eyes1, which addresses the potential for eye strain, headaches, blurred vision and other effects of prolonged blue light exposure.

  • Some blue light blocking lenses produce an annoying blueish-purple reflection. ZEISS BlueGuard technology reflects 50% less blue digital light than even our ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect lens coating3 – for less glare and clearer vision. Unlike many others, ZEISS lenses with BlueGuard have blue light blocking technology in the lens material itself. This means best-in-class blue light protection in any of our lens designs – and with any of our ZEISS DuraVision lens coatings.

  • On the contrary. They help your eyes by blocking the potentially harmful segment of blue light rays that could cause symptoms like tired or dry eyes, blurred vision and headaches.

Ready for your new glasses?

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