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Corporate responsibility

Social responsibility has always been part of the corporate culture of ZEISS. As part of a foundation company, ZEISS Medical Technology supports many local social initiatives and is involved in the training of doctors and medical personnel, research in the natural sciences and technology and sustainable business activity around the world. The global commitment to good vision within the scope of the VISION 2020 Initiative is a key focal point: the Christian Blind Mission (CBM) is a special partner.


For more information and further details please visit the ZEISS responsibility website.



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Good access to state-of-the-art medical technology

ZEISS wants to make modern medical treatment accessible to as many people as possible. Through cooperation with German and international aid organizations such as the Christian Blind Mission (CBM) and Mercy Ships and helping people to help themselves through training, ZEISS contributes to the improved medical support of people in all regions of the world.


Values in line with Ernst Abbe's

Ernst Abbe founded the Carl Zeiss Foundation in 1889 and thus laid the foundations for the company's social responsibility. Future-oriented corporate governance, responsibility for employees and the promotion of science form the pillars of this commitment.

solar panels on the roof of the Californian site in Dublin

Responsibility for nature and the environment

The responsible use of natural resources is a way of life at ZEISS. The solar panels on the roof of the Californian site in Dublin that provide the site with power and solar energy represent one of the 30 largest solar power facilities in California. It is an example of the company's state-of-the-art and responsible handling of energy.

The Jena site's participation in an energy-saving program being run throughout ZEISS is an example of active environmental protection at ZEISS. The program is aimed at further reducing energy consumption, which in our case is largely due to lighting and the air-conditioning required in the production facilities. We also pay attention to our suppliers' compliance with environmental protection requirements. There is a prohibited substances list showing the materials and substances that may not be used in the production of the components delivered to us. This list is subject to ongoing updates.

The list of prohibited substances is available under our Terms and Conditions page.


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Quality Management

In medical technology, ensuring that products are of the highest quality and having an appropriate system for assuring this quality and compliance with legal requirements is of utmost importance.

Accordingly, ZEISS has registered its Group companies with the responsible national authorities. ZEISS thus fulfills the basic requirements for marketing its products in the European Economic Area, North America, and those countries that have agreements with the European Union in the field of medical products.

Conform to Our Own High Standards

We also consider this to be a significant aspect of responsibility-based management, since it enables us to guarantee that our products everywhere always conform to our own high standards and the requirements of the health authorities in the respective country.

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