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Past and present: SMILE 10-year data and recent studies

19 June 2020 · 27 min watch
Author Prof. Walter Sekundo Medical Director and Chairman, Dept. Of Ophthalmology Philipps, University of Marburg and University Eye Clinic

A presentation of 10 years‘ data on patients who underwent Lenticule Extraction with SMILE

Long-term refractive stability and safety are two major factors that affect patient satisfaction with their refractive outcomes.

In this session, Professor Walter Sekundo presents the results of his 10-year follow-up study specifically on those factors of SMILE® from ZEISS. He will also share the results of his most recent studies on this subject.

  • The doctor in this webinar has a contractual or other financial relationship with Carl Zeiss Meditec AG and its affiliates and has received financial support.

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