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Visit ZEISS at Pittcon 2023 for the latest microscopy innovations to meet your laboratory's most challenging imaging and analytical needs.
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Microscopy Solutions

Whether you work in nanotechnology and materials science, quality control, forensics, pharmaceutical, food analysis, life sciences, or novel energy and environmental materials, ZEISS has a solution for you. Visit our booth and experience how your challenging analytical work will benefit from our connected light, electron and X-ray microscopy solutions, assisted by automated workflows and artificial intelligence.

Workflow Demonstrations

Join us for a live session on analytical workflows at our booth, discussing how different analytical modes, automation possibilities and artificial intelligence leads to reliable decision-making. The interactive discussions are conducted virtually by our experts in our booth as well as at ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center. Please register to schedule a session on any of the workflows shown below.

Navigating Through Lengthscales and Perspectives: Connecting Your Microscopy Data with ZEN Connect

Session 1: Monday, March 20th 3pm EST
Session 3: Tuesday, Marsh 21st 1:30pm EST

ZEN Connect lets you combine multiple perspectives of your sample across scales and imaging modalities. Experience the unique sinsights gained by overlaying and organizing your images from the light and electron microscope.

SmartPI and Correlative Automated Particle Analysis: Turnkey Solutions for Technical Cleanliness

Session 2: Tuesday, March 21st 12pm EST
Session 4: Tuesday, March 21st 3pm EST

Accelerate the understanding of your samples by quickly and accurately classifying particles of different size ranges and compositions using workflows tailored for automated cleanliness analysis. Observe how SEM with integrated EDS analytics, traceable connected databases, multi-modal characterization with additional light microscope and simplified reporting facilitate increased productivity in ISO and VDA compliant environments.

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Experience the ZEISS Stemi 508 – “LIVE”

High contrast accurate color images from apochromatic optics, revealing smallest details with 8:1 zoom, along with ergonomic viewing angle makes the Stemi 508 a workhorse to address your heavy workloads, efficiently!

Learn About The Virtual Demo Process

Experience real-time measurements on actual samples through an enriched virtual demo process, while supporting our commitment to environmental sustainability.