Materials Discovery with Field-Emission SEM

Quarterly Virtual Workshops

Join us in this virtual workshop series where we will try to address the obvious questions, showcase the state-of-the-art imaging and analytical capabilities and open the discussion with you about your new material discovery using field-emission scanning electron microscopes.
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A multi-part workshop series providing insights into new discoveries in materials research. It is virtual and accessible from anywhere. This is part of our commitment to bring our expertise and application laboratory to you in an environmentally sustainable way.

Register for the series and join any or all of the workshops relevant to your research. 


Workshop Agenda

Each interactive virtual workshop in the series will have presentations from ZEISS experts, key opinion leaders and live demonstrations from our application lab.  

Event 1: Discoveries at “low-kV” February 7, 2023, 02:00 PM – 04:00 PM EST

Lately surface-sensitive imaging has become an important topic of discussion in electron microscopy. It is very important to understand when and why we need to image surfaces at low beam energy without compromising resolution, how to achieve that in an easy repeatable manner, and know about a few key examples.

  • The why, how and what of low-kV scanning electron microscopy

  • Low Voltage SEM Imaging for Micro/Nanoelectronics Process Development and Troubleshooting

  • Live virtual demonstration: Sample flexibility and state-of-the-art imaging at low-kV using ZEISS FE-SEM

Event 2: Discoveries with Versatile Multi-Modal Analytics June 8, 2023, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

Field emission SEMs are great imaging tools. However, most of the times our measurement workflow requires correlation with reliable quantitative analytics for chemical and microstructural characterization. Let us discuss how a FESEM can enable such multi-modal analytics with a few key examples.

  • Advanced materials characterization in field-emission SEM: Combining high-resolution imaging and analytical flexibility

  • Correlative microscopy on the RISE - Comprehensive Materials Analysis

  • Versatile multi-modal analytics using ZEISS FESEM: A virtual experience

Event 3: Multi-Scale Discoveries: Correlative Microscopy (Coming Soon)

Event 4: Multi-Scale Discoveries: Large Area Scanning and Automation (Coming Soon)

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