Unlocking live super resolution with ZEISS Lattice SIM 5

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John Hopkins Lattice SIM 5 Roadshow Event

Unlocking live super resolution with ZEISS Lattice SIM 5

The new ZEISS Lattice SIM Family is designed to offer researchers the most versatile solution for meeting their live cell and super resolution imaging needs. Super-resolution microscopy has seen an explosive rise in popularity over the past decade, with techniques like SMLM and SIM granting researchers unparalleled access to structural details and molecular interactions. The Lattice SIM Family builds off the success and renowned super-resolution and live cell imaging capabilities of ZEISS Elyra 7 by offering a suite of three instruments: ZEISS Lattice SIM 3, ZEISS Lattice SIM 5, and ZEISS Elyra 7 with Lattice SIM.

ZEISS is pleased to offer an in-person demonstration of ZEISS Lattice SIM 5 on the Johns Hopkins campus beginning March 11, 2024 and ending March 18, 2024. ZEISS Lattice SIM 5 focuses on observing the vibrant sub-organelle network of life. The new ZEISS Lattice SIM 5 offers flexibility, speed, and gentle super-resolution to meet the needs of researchers investigating biological processes in fixed or live samples.

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Presented By Alma Arnold Product Application Sales Specialist

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