Dynamic Black Hole module for UNIVIEW

Available on the Uniview User Site

UNIVIEW dynamic Black Hole © ZEISS
This new module for UNIVIEW versions 3.0 and up shows a dynamic Black Hole with accretion disk and gravitational lens effects.

A high quality rendering of a Schwarzschild Black Hole with customizable background panorama and accretion disk is now available on the Uniview User Site. It features the gravitational lensing based on the Schwarzschild Metric and an accretion disk with relativistic Doppler effect. Users can interact with object parameters like the scale of the Black Hole, brightness, density, opacity and size of the accretion disk. The accretion disk can also be rendered with a user-defined texture. The default disk is inspired by a slim-disk model, with colors based on the black-body radiation and a user-defined temperature.
In a future release of UNIVIEW, this module will be available with even more features.