ASTERION VELVET for Seoul Science Park

Delivery and installation beginning of 2023

ASTERION VELVET Hybrid Planetarium © ZEISS
The planetarium in the Seoul Science Park receives the latest planetarium technology from ZEISS.

ZEISS will supply and install the latest projection technology for the planetarium at the Seoul Science Park in South Korea early next year. The hybrid system for the 11 m dome is based on the combination of optical-mechanical and digital projection with integrated control. The analog component consists of a ZEISS ASTERION Starball for impressive depiction of the night sky. ASTERION replaces the 30-year-old M1015 star projector from ZEISS in the center of the dome. ZEISS is providing ASTERION with two added options for the customer in Korea, a built-in lift to lower the starball from the center of the dome and scintillation. The latter causes all stars to twinkle in response to a control command, just as they do in nature due to atmospheric influences. Two ZEISS VELVET LED projectors complement the projection system with digital fulldome projection. Both ASTERION and VELVET projection provide a deep black image background without the characteristic "background glow" of classic projectors. This allows visitors to the planetarium at Seoul Science Park to enjoy a "perfect" night. The ZEISS UNIVIEW planetarium software ensures correct and vivid astronomical visualizations. It allows all phenomena of the universe to be displayed in a three-dimensional perspective beyond the earthbound view, all the way out to the remnants of the Big Bang.

The contract award for the continued use of ZEISS technology in the planetarium in Seoul is also a personal success for our ZEISS representative in Korea. Exactly 30 years ago he had initially been able to outfit the planetarium using ZEISS technology.