Planetarium Laupheim

ZEISS Hybrid Planetariums

The Fusion of the Best Starry Sky Projection with Digital Fulldome Technology

A truly brilliant starry sky that captivates and inspires an audience can only be achieved with an optical-mechanical planetarium projector from ZEISS. With its hybrid planetariums, ZEISS offers the combination of an analog starry sky together with digital fulldome projection for all dome sizes. Digital representations, such as the 88 constellation figures, automatically synchronize with the optical starry sky (True Hybrid).

  • Maximum Flexibility
  • Synchronised Control
  • Intuitive Operation

Possible Components of hybrid Planetarium Systems

Maximum Flexibility and optimum Performance

ZEISS Asterion

ZEISS Star Projectors for the best Starry Sky Projection


ZEISS VELVET LED for excellent Black and brilliant Colours

ZEISS Uniview Software Suite

ZEISS UNIVIEW Software Suite for reliable synchronised Control

True Hybrid Technology

Intelligent Configuration and Synchronous Control

  • All from a single Source

    Star projector, full dome system and software come from ZEISS. All components are perfectly coordinated.


  • Common Control

    All hybrid components can be controlled by a single input tool (e.g., control panel or tablet).

  • Seamless Transitions

    Transitions between earthbound astronomy and free flight through space are seamless.


  • Bi-directional Control

    The user can control digital functions from the optical-mechanical projector as well as send commands from the digital system to the star projector.

  • Synchronized Motions

    Superimposed projections from the star projector and fulldome system always remain in sync when in motion.

  • Intelligent Configuration

    The intelligent, predefined command assignment simplifies operation.


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