True-Black-Hybrid Dome

True Black Hybrid Planetarium

Planetarium Projections without Compromises

With the True Black Hybrid Planetarium, ZEISS combines the optical-mechanical starry sky projection of a ZEISS star projector with the high-contrast projection of the ZEISS VELVET LED projector. Thanks to the special feature of the VELVET LED projectors of delivering absolute black in the image, there is no grey background to disturb. In contrast to standard video projectors, the enchanting brilliance of the artificial starry sky and the illusion of an object floating in space is retained. With its True-Hybrid control system, ZEISS ensures that both systems always work synchronously.

  • Brilliant Night Sky
  • True-Hybrid Control
  • True Black Projection Technology
Starry SKy Projection

ZEISS Star Projectors for the best Night Sky Projection

Whether ASTERION, SKYMASTER ZKP 4 or UNIVERSARIUM M IX - ZEISS continues to place the highest value on the quality of artificial stars. In all ZEISS star projectors, ZEISS combines two leading technologies that ensure extremely bright, razor-sharp and tiny stars: fibre optics and LED lighting. Never before has the artificial starry sky been so close to the natural one.


VELVET LED for deepest Black and brilliant Colors

In spite of the many presentation possibilities of the modern planetarium, the stars are still the most important application, the decisive reason for visitors to come to the planetarium. Dull stars disappoint visitors. With the world's highest contrast and absolute black, VELVET LED is predestined for the combination with a star projector. Despite digitally superimposed objects, the radiance of the artificial stars is not affected..

Contrast of conventional projectors
Contrast of a ZEISS VELVET LED
Contrast of a standard projector and ZEISS VELVET LED in comparison

Premium digital Projector featuring ultrahigh Contrast

VELVET LED is an in-house development by ZEISS and impresses not only with its enormous contrast ratio of 2,500,000 : 1, but also with its outstanding image quality. VELVET LED provides an absolutely black image background with invisible blends between the image channels.

Helligkeit herkömmlicher Projektoren
Helligkeit eines ZEISS VELVET LED
Brightness of a standard projector and ZEISS VELVET LED in comparison

DLP Technology and LED Light Sources for brilliant and stable Colours

DLP technology provides stability and ensures consistent colors and brightness for many years. Even after many thousands of hours of operation, a VELVET LED projector delivers excellent picture quality. The high contrast of the projector results in high color saturation. The eye perceives the high-contrast and color-intensive projection as particularly brilliant and pleasant. The new LED light sources provide an improved colour space compared to previous models.

True Hybrid Control

True Hybrid Control

ZEISS ensures that all digital displays automatically match the optical starry sky – both during the playback of a programmed show and during live presentations. The True-Hybrid control system allows the user maximum operating freedom: a common control interface provides all important functions with the simplest possible handling. In the same way, digital functions can be controlled from the optical-mechanical projector and commands can be sent from the digital system to the star projector.

Additional Information


    Dome Size

    8 m to 18 m

    8 m to 14 m

    18 m to 35 m

    Dome Inclination

    0° – 30 °

    0° – 30°

    Starry Sky

    approx. 7000 stars | approx. 9000 stars

    approx. 7000 stars

    approx. 9000 stars

    Installation VELVET Projectors

    Centre or Periphery

    Centre or Periphery


  • Asterion x Velvet Configuration
    Skymaster x Velvet Configuration
    Universarium x Velvet Configuration

    Number VELVET Projectors




    Resolution (approx.)





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