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ZEISS UNIVIEW Software Suite for planetariums

Planetarium control for beginners and experts

With the latest generation of the UNIVIEW Software Suite for planetariums, all aspects of the planetarium can be controlled intuitively and easily - from the projection system and external devices such as the dome lighting to the creation of presentations and their demonstration. The simple is simple and the complex is possible - with professional results.

  • Versatile tools
  • First-class performance
  • Multi-faceted extensions


  • Orion Nebula

    Outstanding performance

    ZEISS Uniview is characterised by the high playback quality of content, intuitive operation and synchronous control.


    Versatile tools

    The Uniview Software Suite includes a variety of tools that contribute to breathtaking shows and presentations.


    Regular extensions

    ZEISS Uniview offers the option of integrating extensions and extending the functional scope of the software. 

UNIVIEW Producer

From show creation to presentation

The ZEISS UNIVIEW Software Suite offers everything from the creation of your planetarium show to automatic playback. Live presentations of the terrestrial view of the sky and three-dimensional virtual journeys through the universe are also child's play to realise. An extensive library of astronomical images and video clips is an integral part of the suite.


User-friendly interface with intuitive operation

All visualisations are controlled via the graphical user interface. Operations such as navigation (flight), rotation, position changes, visualisation of objects etc. are displayed in real time in the main window. Navigation in space is so simple that even children can navigate through the universe in planetarium events.

True Hybrid Control in ZEISS UNIVIEW

True hybrid control

The ZEISS UNIVIEW software suite for planetariums controls both the optical-mechanical and the digital projection system and enables precise coupling of the two. Astronomical processes such as movements and object positioning of the optical-mechanical and digital planetarium are automatically synchronised. Transitions between earthbound astronomy and free flight through space are seamless (true hybrid).

3D Model Mars in ZEISS UNIVIEW

Three-dimensional visualisations

Present astronomical basics, astrophysical facts, geosciences and a variety of other scientific contexts spatially and vividly. The theatre component enables the interactive, three-dimensional visualisation of astronomical databases and simulations in real time. The visualisation options range from a detailed model of the International Space Station ISS, the planet Earth, the solar system and the Milky Way to cosmic background radiation.


First-class performance and image quality

The ZEISS UNIVIEW Software Suite for planetariums offers stereo projection, 8k performance and extended colour depth of 10 bits per RGB colour channel for smooth gradients at frame rates of up to 120 fps (stereo). Thanks to the new, particularly efficient HEVC codec, compression artefacts in fulldome videos are a thing of the past and you gain free storage space.

Open Dome (optional)

New Perspectives in Programme Operation

ZEISS UNIVIEW Open Dome in use


With Open Dome, you can present content from external sources (e.g. from a connected laptop) live on your planetarium dome in real time and in top quality. Excellent for all applications with fisheye output. You can place classic video formats anywhere on the dome.

  • Real-time fulldome format
  • Classic video formats (also distributed several times on the dome)
  • Live presentations, videos, browser windows, production tools up to 4k resolution 60 Hz frame rate
external Data in ZEISS UNIVIEW

Integration of external and own data

UNIVIEW is not a self-contained software programme. You can add your own modules and modules from other users, integrate individual objects or incorporate map data (WMS) from online sources. Selected content can be updated as required. Data can also originate from non-astronomical areas. For example, Uniview users have already created their own three-dimensional objects for architectural simulations or archaeological representations.

Extended functions

ZEISS UNIVIEW Software Suite receives regular updates and new modules

  • Latest addition to UNIVIEW: The Schwarzschild Black Hole


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