October 2020

Laupheim Planetarium with new VELVET LED projectors at the start

State-of-the-art fulldome technology

Startup of the upgraded ZEISS VELVET LED projectors © Roland Ray
After retrofitting the two VELVET projectors to LED light sources in the Zeiss Planetarium Laupheim, the mayor of Laupheim, Mrs. Wind, publicly launched the project.

Since 2013, the planetarium of the Laupheim Public Observatory has been using a two-channel VELVET fulldome system from ZEISS for its digital dome projections. In the 10-meter dome, they produce impressive images and do not take any brilliance away from the stars of the SKYMASTER ZKP 4 projector thanks to the real black image background. 

On several occasions, the Association of the Public Observatory was able to convince itself that the new VELVET generation with its LED light sources offers even better image quality for planetarium visitors. Most striking is the extended color space, which gives the projections a special brilliance. A considerable advantage results from the long service life of the LED light sources. Replacement lamps are a thing of the past and their cost is eliminated. A modified cooling concept also ensures reduced projector noise. Music events and readings in the planetarium in particular benefit from this.

The projector replacement was carried out in just two days in October 2020 by ZEISS technicians with great support from the planetarium team. The public start-up was performed on October 23 by the Mayor of Laupheim, Ms. Wind. From now on, planetarium visitors will experience all demonstrations with enhanced realism.