UNIVIEW User Site Open for all Uniview Users

Free service also for third-party customers

1 February 2022 · 2 min read
  • Uniview Module by Dan Tell | California Academy of Sciences
    Dan Tell | California Academy of Sciences

    The Uniview user site offers hundreds of modules and additional content for Uniview users. Left example: Volcanoes on Earth, right example: Van Allen Belts, both designed by Dan Tell.

Jena, Germany | 14 February 2023

Good news for Uniview users. All registered users now have free access to the Uniview User Site with a wide variety of information and user content on a large scale. The group of users can download software releases, access video tutorials, find basic help and, most importantly, load a wide variety of content created by numerous users.

We would like to give special thanks to the California Academy of Sciences, who recently uploaded over one hundred new modules, and plans to make more Uniview content available to the community as well. At the same time, we would like to encourage all users to share their own customizations and modules with other Uniview users. We would also like to remind all users that the Uniview User Site is open not only to ZEISS customers, but also to customers of SCISS, Elumenati and formerly GI. With its openness, the Uniview software is excellent for extending content and presentations, developing your own content and adapting existing modules to your own needs.