Bremen Planetarium Relies on UNIVIEW

Digital fulldome projection in the most visited small planetarium in Germany

9 September 2022 ยท 2 min read
  • Projection at Bremen Planetarium

    The ZEISS UNIVIEW software platform is now used for digital dome projections in the Bremen Olbers Planetarium.

Bremen, Germany | 9 September 2022

The Olbers Planetarium was opened in 1952 with a ZEISS ZKP 1 projector. Initially, the focus was on training in astronomical navigation. In 1978 the first projector was replaced by a SKMASTER ZKP 2, also from ZEISS.

In August, the conversion to digital fulldome projection took place with the help of a specially modified beamer. The Olbers Planetarium opted for the ZEISS software and hardware package with powerdome and UNIVIEW for the digital displays.

The planetarium's director, Andreas Vogel, is very satisfied: "Since the end of August, the digital age has also begun in Bremen: The 44-year-old projector, which had always worked reliably but was nevertheless getting on in years, was sent into well-deserved retirement and replaced by a single-lens fulldome system. The self-built 4k laser beamer is controlled by the Uniview/powerdome cluster from ZEISS. The intuitive operation facilitates the changeover, and own show elements or entire shows are quickly created thanks to timeline-based Showbuilder. Both the audience and the entire planetarium team are enthusiastic about the new possibilities with powerdome and Uniview."