To Worlds Beyond

Journey through the Solar System.

1 October 2016 · 5 min read

About this show

From the fiery surface of the Sun to the icy realm of comets, travel to worlds with enormous volcanoes, vast canyons, dazzling rings, and storms that would swallow the Earth.

A classic journey through the solar System… and beyond… is a standard program for planetariums. The animations of the planets and moons and their features are memorable because of their immersive effect. The surface textures of the celestial bodies are strikingly detailed and rich in structure. The current findings of planetary missions are essentially touched upon without going into a great deal of depth.




29 min

Target Group

General public


Fulldome show of 3D computer graphics


Unidirectional seating, suitable for concentric seating


Fulldome Studio DN (Donetzk Planetarium) | 2016


English, German, Russian, Spanish, ask for other languages

Technical Data

30 fps, up to 4k, non-stereo, 5.1 surround


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