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Christmas Story

The traditional Christmas Story transformed into a hybrid planetarium show.

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About this show

The traditional Christmas Story transformed into a planetarium show offers a wonderful experience to children and adults. Visitors sit in the centre of a giant, animated picture book and become an integral part of the tale. They accompany Mary and Joseph from the appearance of the angel in Nazareth to the search for a place to rest in overcrowded Bethlehem. Together with the Three Wise Men from the Orient the spectators visit King Herod’s palace in Jerusalem. They meet the shepherds in the fields and accompany them to discover the infant Jesus in the manger.

Of course the famous Christmas Star plays an important role in the show. However the presentation does not go into the various (disputed) explanations of this celestial phenomenon. It does not deal with astronomy, but instead relates one of the most beautiful and most important stories from the Orient to the next generation in a moving way.



25 min

Target Audience

Family programme for children aged 4 and above.


Hybrid fulldome show of 2D hand drawn and animated images in conjunction with an opto-mechanical star projector


Concentric seating 


Verkehrhaus Lucerne, Swiss Museum of Transportation | 2008


English, French, German, Italian, ask for other languages

Technical Data

30 fps, up to 3k, non-stereo, 5.1 surround sound