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Dinosaurs – A Story of Survival

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About this show

Like almost all children, Celeste is fascinated with dinosaurs. She is preparing a talk for her class about how they went extinct when Moon, a very wise and magical character, poses a tantalizing question: what if I told you that there are still dinosaurs among us?
Celeste will join Moon in a journey through time, and exciting adventure that will show them the Earth as it was in the very, very distant past.
They will see the fascinating transformations that these animals underwent over millions of years, creating giant creatures, armored beasts and super predators, until the day that a cataclysmic impact event caused a mass extinction on Earth.
But all is not lost. Celeste will discover the key to their survival.



28 min

Target Audience

Families, children from 6 to 13 years old


3D computer animated story


Unidirectional seating, suitable for concentric seating 


Render Area | 2022


English, ask for other languages

Technical Data

Non-stereo, up to 8k, 30 fps, 5.1 surround sound