Exploring the Universe – Probing the Heavens with Galileo

The basics of astronomy

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About this show

In what way do planets differ from stars? Where can we find the familiar constellations? Galileo's ghost accompanies us on an excursion across the northern hemisphere of the sky and into the depths of space. His personal life story involved the painful realization that our home planet had lost its position as center of the universe. Galileo's observations initiated further research and computations, which finally led to the Copernican perspective on the universe, and to Kepler's laws. Galileo Galilei was found guilty of heresy. 

The show looks back on historical discoveries and also imparts the present state of knowledge about the structure of the solar system and the universe. It is not by mere chance that the last successful space mission, which bore Galileo's name, plays a part in the show.



37 min

Target Audience

All age groups upwards of 6


3D animated computer graphics with live acts


Unidirectional seating, suitable for concentric seating 


Sternevent GmbH | 2006


English, German, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, ask for other languages

Technical Data

30 fps, up to 4k, non-stereo, 5.1 surround sound