Humanity's relationship with the Moon

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About this show

A large-scale, immersive experience in fulldome format, »Moonwalk« is an experimental film about humanity’s relationship with the Moon. It uses the exceptional hemispherical format for it’s expansive scope and the somatic presence of the space to create a rare film combining art and science.
The Moon represents many things, from the forefront of scientific exploration to the most ancient of archetypal myths. It was the peaceful battleground of the Cold War and will be a junction point to Mars in the near future. The Moon inspires love poems and lunacy, influences werewolves and the tides. Recipient of prayers, poems, and songs since the beginning of human consciousness, so recently reached by us for the first time, our Moon is soon never to be the same; is already altered.



22 min

Target Audience

All age groups


Experimental film in immersive fulldome format


Concentric seating; suitable for unidirectional seating


Clea T Waite | 2010


English, Russian, ask for other languages

Technical Data

29.97 fps, up to 3k, non-stereo, 5.1 surround sound