ZEISS Planetariumstechnik

ZEISS Planetarium Technology

High Quality Projection Systems from the Inventor of the Planetarium

On 21 October, 1923, almost 100 years ago, Walther Bauersfeld, a brilliant designer at ZEISS, presented the world's first projection planetarium at the Deutsches Museum in Munich. Still to this day, planetarium projectors and, for 20 years fulldome systems, have been part of our core competence. You can be sure that the systems ordered will be designed, manufactured, configured, tested, installed and serviced by ZEISS, with a quality claim that is substantiated by independently certified management systems.

Many Years of Know-how

High Quality Standards

Global Service

ZEISS Planetarium Technology in Overview

The star projector is still, 100 years after its invention, the best tool for teaching and learning astronomy. However, digital projection with its dome filling, moving images is an integral part of the modern planetarium. ZEISS offers both options, either as individual systems or in perfect combination as a hybrid planetarium. LED display domes represent the latest technology that is striving to enter the market.

UNIVIEW, Earth and constellations
Stellar 'Fireworks Finale' Came First in the Young Universe

Many Years of Know-how

ZEISS created history with the world's first planetarium projector. The 1923 Model I set technical standards that still apply today. The “Wonder of Jena” and its successors can be found all over the world. Many of them have been in continuous use for decades, each one a technical masterpiece, handmade and nearly indestructible.

ZEISS Modell I

High Quality Standards

ZEISS is known for its very high quality standards, this also applies to all of its planetarium systems. Customers of ZEISS technology can expect a service life which is well above average, often twice the service life of comparable systems.

Global Service

ZEISS customers can rely on long-term as well as fast service. This service also includes projectors that are decades old. Services include repairs, upgrades, general overhauls and software maintenance.



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