ZEISS Software Suite for Planetariums

ZEISS UNIVIEW Software Suite for Planetariums

Planetarium Control for Beginners and Experts

With the latest generation of the ZEISS UNIVIEW Software Suite for Planetariums, all aspects of the planetarium can be controlled simply and intuitively, from the projection system itself to external devices such as the dome lighting to the creation of presentations and their execution. Simple is easy and complex is possible. All with a professional result.

True Hybrid Control

3D Visualizing with UNIVIEW

First class performance

From Show Creation to Presentation

The ZEISS UNIVIEW Software Suite for Planetariums offers everything you will need, from creating your planetarium show to automatic playback. Live presentations about the sky from an earthbound perspective as well as three-dimensional virtual journeys through the universe are very easy to realize. An extensive library of astronomical images and video clips is an integral part of the suite.

UNIVIEW, Jupiter and Io
UNIVIEW: Night view of the Earth
ZEISS Constellations
UNIVIEW: Isosurfaces
Iridescent Glory of Nearby Planetary Helix Nebula

True Hybrid Control

The ZEISS UNIVIEW Software Suite for Planetariums controls both the optical-mechanical and the digital projection system and enables the two to be precisely coupled. Astronomical processes such as the motions and object positioning of both the optical-mechanical and the digital planetarium are automatically synchronized. Transitions between earthbound astronomy and free flight through space are seamless (True Hybrid).

ZEISS True-Hybrid control

Three-dimensional Visualization

Present astronomical basics, astrophysical facts, geoscience and a variety of other scientific contexts spatially and vivdly. UNIVIEW Theater enables the interactive, three-dimensional visualization of astronomical databases and simulations in real time. Display options range from a detailed model of the International Space Station to the planet Earth and the solar system, and from the Milky Way to the cosmic background radiation.

First-class Performance and Picture Quality

With the ZEISS UNIVIEW Software Suite for Planetariums, stereo projection, 8k performance and 10 bit color depth per RGB color channel are available for smooth gradients at frame rates up to 120 fps (stereo). Thanks to the new, particularly efficient HEVC codec, compression artifacts in fulldome videos are a thing of the past with the added bonus of freed storage space.



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