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ZEISS UNIVIEW Software Suite for Planetariums

Visualization and Presentation

No matter if you are planning a live presentation of the current night sky, preparing a virtual journey into the depths of the universe or simply want to play a fulldome movie, the UNIVIEW Software Suite for Planetariums gives you all the tools you need. And best of all, you control everything with just one interface, without cables and from anywhere under the dome.

3D Visualization & Simulation

Classic Sky Observation

Common Interface

Streaming Function

Three-dimensional Astronomical Visualizations

With UNIVIEW Theater you will be presenting three-dimensional visualizations and simulations using mainly astronomical databases in a live and interactive setting. The scope of the astronomical visualization possibilities extends over about 30 orders of magnitude and includes, for example, a detailed model of the International Space Station ISS, the planet Earth with its surface features and atmospheric properties, the solar system, the Milky Way and galaxies out to the cosmic background radiation, the observable boundary of the universe.

Classic Sky Observation
Classic Sky Observation

The earthbound view of the sky is and remains the most important representation in any planetarium with or without an analog star projector. The integrated 2D planetarium takes into account all classic functions in a synchronous combination of analog and digital projection.

Common Interface with Simple Operation

We provide a web-based user interface with clear tiles for controlling your planetarium. Individual planetarium functions or complex sequences of functions are triggered by tapping on tiles. In this way you can, for example, switch on the projectors, dim the lighting, call up astronomical functions and sequences for a live presentation or start a fulldome film.

Stellarium © Stellarium
Open Dome enables any programs to be projected onto the dome (e.g. Stellarium, Powerpoint).

With UNIVIEW Open Dome, you can present content from external sources (e.g., from a connected laptop) in real-time in your planetarium dome. Perfect for all applications with a fishey image output. Place the content in classic video formats anywhere on the dome.

  • Real-time
  • Fulldome format
  • Classic video formats (also multiple, placed on the dome)
  • Presentations, videos, browser windows, production tools
  • Up to 4k resolution
  • 60 Hz image refresh rate


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