Want to check your vision?

Find out how well you see and learn more about your eyes. Quick. Easy. Online.

  • A smartphone with a screen of a ZEISS Online Vision Screening exercise, standing in front of a black square button showing differently sharp circles with an opening in different directions, commonly used at vision tests.
    ZEISS Online Vision Screening. Pre-check your eyesight.

    Try our online vision test for a quick and easy way to check your eyes – and see if you’re due for a professional eye exam.

  • A smartphone in front of black rings shows the vision profile of a My Vision Profile  user with differently coloured rings.
    My Vision Profile by ZEISS. Get to know your eyes.

    This tool can show you how your lifestyle impacts how you see. Answer a few questions to find out which ZEISS lenses might be best for your specific needs.

Nobody sees music like Dustin O’Halloran.

The American composer and synesthete shares his unique visual world.