ZEISS Warm Eye Mask

Refresh dry, tired eyes.

  • A women wearing ZEISS Warm Eye Mask and relaxing in a chair.
  • Dry, sore or itchy eyes getting in the way of your everyday life?
  • Are your eyes irritated after long hours on screens or indoors, especially in dry or air-conditioned spaces?
  • Want soothing, gentle care to freshen your eyes?
We’ve got what you’re looking for. The ZEISS Warm Eye Mask stimulates the oil glands in your eyelids to help relax the eyes. Let gentle, moist heat relieve the discomforts of everyday life – for refreshed, less irritated eyes.

A little heat goes a long way.

A lot of people have dry, sore eyes from time to time – but may not understand what’s going on, or what’s causing it. Simply put: The glands that produce the oily barrier that keeps our eyes moisturized are blocked. Tear fluid evaporates too quickly. The result: dry, uncomfortable eyes.

ZEISS Warm Eye Mask unblocks these glands with calming heat. Just 15 to 20 minutes of moist, gentle heat soothes, relaxes and stimulates the oil glands in your eyelids. This helps relieve the discomfort of dry, tired and strained eyes – so your eyes feel refreshed.

More about eye discomfort.
An image of an eye, showing the position of the meibomian glands in the eye lids and meibum layer on top of the tear fluid over the eye.

What causes eye discomfort?

When your eyes are sore, dry and irritated, this is often caused by an issue in the meibomian glands. Healthy meibomian glands (1) produce meibum (3), an oily substance that coats our eyes to keep them moisturized and prevent tear fluid (2) from evaporating. If blocked, the tear fluid evaporates too quickly – resulting in irritation.   

An image of a man in a workspace touching his eyes.

What helps irritated eyes?

Try these few simple habits to help keep your eyes healthy and happy:

  • Wash your hands often – and always before and after putting your contact lenses in.
  • Use a humidifier if the air in your home is dry.
  • Stay indoors if the air quality is poor – in high-pollen seasons or during wildfires, for example.
  • Limit your screen time if possible.
  • Don’t share your makeup or skin care products – and never use them after their expiration dates.

*Based on information published by the National Eye Institute.

An illustration of ZEISS Warm Eye Mask’s heat distribution compared to conventional warm eye masks, which distribute heat less evenly.
An illustration of ZEISS Warm Eye Mask’s heat distribution compared to conventional warm eye masks, which distribute heat less evenly.
ZEISS Warm Eye Mask succeeds where most traditional and commercial solutions don’t, by delivering a well distributed temperature and placement.

Relax – it’s safe for your eyes.

Of course, anything you put on your eyes needs to be completely safe. ZEISS Warm Eye Mask gradually heats to the perfect temperature for this delicate area. The soft material is very gentle to the skin around your eyes – for calming, soothing comfort.

Developed using the latest eye care insights, ZEISS Warm Eye Mask has three layers that work together to deliver comforting, soothing warmth to your eyes.   

Warm moisture vapor to the rescue.

A CGI illustration of ZEISS Warm Eye Mask showing the different components: the central core, the breathable film and the soft top layer.
Control Breathable film

The breathable film turns the heat from the central core into gentle, warming steam to protect the delicate eyelid. It regulates the temperature and allows moist heat to be released.

Fit Flexible top & bottom layer

The soft, flexible top and bottom of ZEISS Warm Eye Mask adds an extra layer of comfort and ensures a snug fit.

Heat Central core

When exposed to the air, the central core gradually heats to the correct temperature. It distributes heat gently for safe, effective results.

Open. Apply. Relax.

ZEISS Warm Eye Masks are individually wrapped for hygiene you can count on. Convenient pocket-sized sachets make them ideal for use anywhere – at home or on the go. Just open the sachet, place the mask over your eyes, sit back and breathe easy. Enjoy for 15 to 20 minutes to get the full benefits.

Any questions?

  • Yes. The ZEISS Warm Eye Mask design was fully tested for safety and performance when used according to the included instructions. If you have any questions or concerns, we recommend contacting your eye care professional or physician before using the mask.

  • No, if you wear contact lenses, definitely take them out before using ZEISS Warm Eye Mask.

  • No – it is designed to fit adult faces with soft ear loops that keep it firmly in place. ZEISS Warm Eye Mask is not made for children.

  • Makeup shouldn't be a problem – but the mask and warm moisture released may smudge your makeup. We recommend removing eye makeup before use.

  • The ZEISS Warm Eye Mask starts to heat up automatically as soon as it is removed from the sachet and exposed to air. Never put the mask in a microwave or attempt to heat or reheat it in any way. After you enjoy the mask for 15 to 20 minutes, dispose of it in the trash.

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