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  • We appreciate your purchase, for tracking purposes, please contact the location in which you purchased the product and request assistance. If the product was purchased through Amazon, please contact Amazon help services directly.

  • Thank you for choosing ZEISS. ZEISS is a lens manufacturer, not a health care provider. Please consult your eye care professional for any health or prescription related concerns.

  • Thank you for choosing ZEISS. ZEISS prescription lenses are only available through eye care professionals, not through ZEISS directly. Please find a practice in your area who carries ZEISS lens solutions, using our “Find an eye doctor near me” tool.

  • Thank you, please visit our  ZEISS Microscopy  site for assistance.

  • Thank you, please visit our  Medical Technology  site for assistance.

  • Thank you for your interest, this section of the site is devoted to ZEISS Vision Care, please visit our  Consumer Products  website.

  • Thank you for your interest in ZEISS solutions, please complete our “Become a ZEISS Customer” form in the Eye Care Professional area of our website and a ZEISS representative will follow up with you.

  • Thank you for choosing ZEISS. You can find a doctor in your area by searching our “Find an eye doctor near me” tool, it provides up to date data on all practices in your area who offer ZEISS lens solutions.

  • Thank you for your interest. Currently, there are no myopia solutions available from ZEISS for sale in the United States.

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