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The right lenses for motorcyclists and convertible drivers

More traffic safety: enjoy driving with the right glasses.

16 October 2020
  • The right lenses for motorcyclists and soft-top car drivers

Among the many pleasures that herald the arrival of spring are not only the first warm rays of sunshine and the blossoming wonders of nature, but also the increased number of convertibles and motorcycles we see on the roads. It’s all very well to feel the sun on your skin and the scent of blossoms wafting gently through the air, but if you don’t have good eyeglasses, driving a motorcycle or a convertible may be a pleasure you'll very soon regret.

Sun, wind or stars – if you want to have total, unadulterated enjoyment of the many delights offered by your motorcycle or convertible, perfectly fitted eyeglass frames with high quality lenses is an absolute must. Only in this way can drivers protect their eyes against the glare of the sun, small insects and wind.

There are a few things you have to take into account when you're buying glasses.

When you are looking for the right frames, practicality plays an important role. The glasses should be easy to put on and take off when you are wearing your helmet, match the shape of your head and sit firmly without causing pressure marks. Your eye care professional has a wide selection for you to choose from. Particularly for motorcyclists, robust plastic lenses and a lightweight, flexible frame with flat, elastic side tips are ideal to minimise the risk of injury in the worst case scenario. The nose pads should also be flexible to ensure that if the helmet is a tight fit, no unsightly or even painful pressure marks remain. For convertibles, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing your frames.

Tip for motorcyclists: Ideally, your helmet should not feature a tinted visor. These are legally prohibited in many countries. Photochromic or self-tinting lenses are better. The current top of the range is PhotoFusion X lenses. They have a photosensitive coating and therefore offer the eye optimal protection. The special feature of lenses with PhotoFusion X: their tint adapts to every light situation so that you always enjoy comfortable vision – without glare. Make sure you take your helmet with you to the eye doctor when your motorcycling glasses are being fitted.

The lenses should be made of plastic for convertible drivers and motorcyclists. They are more shatter-proof than glass lenses – and they are lighter as well. What is extremely important is an antireflection coating and, in the case of plastic lenses, a scratch-resistant hard coating. Alternatively, you can select ZEISS lensesthat incorporate special technologies for optimal glare protection, like polarizing filters. These filter out scattered light and reflections off bright surfaces, minimizing extreme glare. This means added safety in dazzling sunshine, particularly on a wet road after a downpour.

Motorcyclists and convertible drivers alike need to be able to see what is happening in their rear and side mirrors without having to constantly turn their heads. Very small lenses/lens shapes are therefore not suitable.

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