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Eye exercises: A Workout for Your Eyes

Our eyes work hard every day. With a couple of simple exercises, you can relax your eyes and improve your vision.

16 October 2021
A workout for your eyes

The modern lifestyle puts great demands on our eyes. If you work with a computer, for example, they have to adapt to different contrasts and brightness levels up to 30,000 times a day. The figures for driving and sports activities are similar. It's no wonder that our eyes suffer for this, beginning to water, itch and redden. This is often accompanied by neck tension and headaches. But it doesn't have to be like this. A couple of simple eye relaxation exercises can put you back on the route to painless vision.

In today's society, more than half of all workers sit in front of a computer screen. Scientific studies show that constantly looking at the monitor impairs vision. Discerning contrasts, differentiating between colors and alternating between short and long distances become more and more difficult. Constant near-sighted work can even restrict your field of vision.

A couple of eye relaxation exercises can go a long way towards helping this. They only take a couple of minutes, can be done anywhere and anytime, and can also help you to concentrate better when working at your computer. Why not give them a go? Here's an overview of the best ways to relax your eyes:

Eye relaxation exercises

Make sure that you are seated comfortably. Rest your arms on a flat surface, close your eyes and then place the palms of your hands over your eyes. It should be completely dark. Now breathe in and out slowly and deliberately for one or two minutes. Once you have done this, slowly take your hands away and open your eyes again.

Four-direction exercise
Seat yourself comfortably and hold your head straight. Then, moving only your eyes and not your head, look as far as you can in all four directions for two or three seconds each: up, down, left and then right. Repeat three times.

Eye socket massage
A gentle massage is very relaxing for the eyes. Using the tips of your thumbs, massage the area beneath your eyebrows – from the top of your nose to the edge of the eyelid – in a circular motion.

Eye relaxation exercise
Sit up straight and stretch one arm out in front of your nose with the thumb pointing upwards. Now choose five objects: the tip of your nose, your outstretched arm, your thumb and two more objects in the room that are further away. Look at each object in turn, resting your gaze on each object for a few breaths. Finally, finish by looking into the distance.

Accommodation exercise
Hold your right index finger at eye level, about half an arm's length from your eye. Hold your left index finger about 6 inches behind it. In a steady rhythm, look from one finger to the other. Do this for one minute.

Butterfly exercise (to prevent dry eyes)
Face forward with your head straight and relax your facial muscles and lower jaw. Then open and close both eyelids up to 20 times. Keep your muscles relaxed the whole time – your eyelids should move gently and effortlessly, like the wings of a butterfly.

Beware of suspicious offers

Many companies and agencies offer professional eye training, advertising through seminars and books, and promising you a life without glasses. However, there is currently no convincing scientific evidence that such methods are effective. Studies show a minimal increase in sharpness of vision, but not enough to allow you to drive a car without glasses. It is much more important to wear eyeglass lenses that are customized to your specific needs, and to have regular eye tests with an eye care professional.

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