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Mini Style Guide with a Huge Perspective: Eyeglasses and Fashion – an Unbeatable Team

These tips will guarantee you an eye-catching look for every occasion

16 October 2019
  • Mini style guide with a huge perspective: spectacles and fashion – an unbeatable team
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Some people stay with the same fashion style from morning to night – every day of their lives. Finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses for these straightforward souls is relatively easy. But what about the spontaneous people, the individualists or the fashionistas, who never settle for just one pair of glasses, but change them constantly according to their mood? They can find inspiration in these compact guidelines from BETTER VISION, a mini style guide that helps you to find the perfect model of glasses – depending on the occasion or your style preference. Here are our suggestions for how you can combine fashion and frames to achieve your own trendy look.

Once upon a time, they were an annoying necessity for an unfortunate few who wore them only grudgingly to maintain clear vision. Today, glasses have achieved the status of being the most popular fashion accessory. The current hype surrounding this visual aid, which was once a subject of ridicule, has gone so far that those with a finger on the pulse now wear glasses fitted with plain glass lenses, simply because they want to be one of those stylish eyeglass wearers. Even in Hollywood, glasses have almost become a must-have accessory. The red carpet ceremonies are full of stars sporting the latest eyewear trends. But what is the correct way of using this accessory? It's very simple, actually: anything you like goes! The shape of the glasses naturally has to  suit the shape of the wearer's face.  In plain terms, that means that the shape of the glasses should contrast with the shape of the face, rather than mimic it. Thus, a round face should be complemented with angular glasses. Your trusted eye care professional will be able to provide you with expert advice regarding the different options.

Glasses are yet another accessory to which the freedom of fashion applies. However, there are a few ground rules that should be considered to prevent your look from being too eccentric.

Business style spectacles

If you are looking for glasses that will have a positive effect on your professional life and complement both elegant and conservative outfits, then classic and understated frames are the best option. Rimless glasses would be a suitable choice in this instance. They complement any kind of suit for both men and women. A classic metal frame would also be a suitable alternative. Although they may appear a little harsher, angular frames, made of horn or black plastic, are extremely fashionable. They provide an attractive contrast to the pencil skirt and blouse combination or a slim-fit shift dress. As a general rule, you should avoid bright color combinations or overly conspicuous design elements when choosing glasses for a business style environment. 

It’s casual!

Anyone who favors a sporty look during their leisure time certainly knows how to show their true colors. Multicolored glasses tend to make life quite difficult, especially when it comes to choosing what to wear, as plain-colored clothes are the only option that coordinates well. But anyone that is happy to wear their favorite color again and again can create fashionable twists to add a bit of variety. The trend of dressing up a pair of regular slacks with a blazer and high heels can be taken one step further by adding a splash of color. Green, purple, red, and blue are the most popular colors in dominant plastic frames. If you prefer the college-style look in your free time, then classic aviator glasses or timeless horn-rimmed glasses are the best options for staying on-trend. Even actress Uma Thurman has been spotted wearing horn-rimmed glasses while out shopping. 

Driven by creativity: retro-style glasses

Whether you’re a student, artist, or advertising creative – for many eyeglass wearers, glasses are not only an accessory and visual aid; they are also an expression of the wearer’s personal attitude to life. These creative types can be recognized by their retro-style, dark plastic eyeglass frames. For decades, these so-called "nerd glasses" were considered old-fashioned, but today they are a must-have for fashionistas, celebrities and the creatively inclined. These glasses, that have always simply been referred to as "horn-rimmed glasses", work with any style – irrespective of how eccentric, extravagant or sexy it is. However, more on the nerd glasses later on.

Another red hot tip among trendsetters is the circular glasses that have been made famous by Whoopi Goldberg for years. Beatles fans would surely interject at this point and say that John Lennon also made a significant contribution to the success of this, but regardless of whether they are made out of plastic or metal, they are a hip and fashionable accessory. These round or angular creative glasses are perfectly suited to 70s-style outfits, but can, of course, also be teamed with the simple, sophisticated and traditionally black outfits that are common in the creative industries. 

The red carpet: glasses to go with your evening look

What are your options if you can't do without your glasses, but need something that will complement your evening look? Many stars opt for rimless glasses when they grace the red carpet, one example being Faye Dunaway. Michelle Pfeiffer, on the other hand, has been spotted wearing horn-rimmed glasses on at least one occasion – a beautiful contrast to her delicate features. The concept of "opposites attract" is definitely the thing to keep in mind when combining glasses with evening wear. If the dress is elaborate and an eye-catcher in its own right, it is certainly advisable to opt for a more modest style of glasses – unless, of course, you like to model yourself on Sophia Loren. In that case, the motto is "Don't be modest; if you've got it, flaunt it". This actress loves to wear large, sophisticated glasses. Women who prefer to go out in a suit should combine this look with a pair of round glasses. This helps to soften the severity of the look. In contrast, a pretty dress can be teamed perfectly well with angular glasses. 

The model that goes with anything

Anyone that flits between different occasions and styles, but that wants to be able to wear the same pair of glasses regardless, will find satisfaction in the "half-frame glasses" trend with a pair of so-called nylon glasses. This model is by no means insignificant in comparison to other styles, because it suits everybody and can be worn in combination with any look and for any occasion. Half-frame glasses appear quite serious on the one hand, but they also look very fashionable at the same time. 

Nerd spectacles: not at all old-fashioned

Getting back to the nerd glasses that we mentioned earlier, for many celebrities, they are an essential fashion must-have and are clearly very popular with the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Hugh Grant. The patterned plastic frames, either in black or brown, are actually quite standard in the fashion world, but at the same time, they are a fashion statement. You would be hard-pressed to find an occasion or outfit for which this accessory would be deemed unsuitable. Apparently, some people are such huge fans of glasses that, in the absence of having a visual impairment, they wear nerd glasses fitted with plain glass lenses, or no lenses at all.

These glasses can become a fashionable trademark. A prime example of this can be seen in the case of Greek singer Nana Mouskouri. She has been known for and associated with her black, dominant glasses for decades, and she continues to combine these with romantic-style dresses and elegant evening looks. She consciously makes a virtue of necessity. In her earlier years, she was ridiculed for wearing the supposedly old-fashioned frames. Today, she can only be considered a trendsetter, because the rather severe looking and black model that she wears would also be best placed in the nerd glasses category. But please do excuse us for simply talking about one pair of glasses, because the international star naturally has several pairs. It is rumored that she has more than 100 different models of this style of glasses.

Our style tips:

  • Contrasts are always a good thing. This means: a romantic silk dress looks great in combination with horn-rimmed glasses, whereas a more severe looking outfit benefits from the softness of round, hippy-style glasses.
  • Show your true colors! A purple blouse can most definitely be teamed with bright red glasses. However, take care when wearing pastel colors. Only metal or plastic frames in black, brown, or a similar pastel color are suitable in this case.
  • Glasses with a conspicuous design are quite difficult to combine with different looks. In this case, when choosing what to wear, you are better off sticking to one color only.
  • Be careful not to go overboard! Glasses with elaborate embellishments, large springs or oversized screws are sufficiently eye-catching on their own. These types of glasses are best teamed with a simple outfit to keep your look from being "over the top".
  • Suitable for every occasion: rimless, metal-rimmed or horn-rimmed glasses truly go with everything and are suitable for every occasion. Our tip: opt for this kind of model when purchasing your first pair of glasses so that you can be more experimental the next time around.

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