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New glasses – a new you

It's amazing how a new pair of frames can completely change your look

16 October 2019
  • Distance spectacles and reading spectacles

Sometimes you just want to give yourself a makeover and try out a different look. While a new outfit or haircut is one way to do this, sometimes all it really takes are some new eyeglass frames, because there is hardly any other accessory that can so significantly alter your appearance. Have a second pair of frames handy to vary your style. We'll tell you what to look out for when selecting your new, fashionable frames.


Let’s start with your current look. What kind of frames do you have now? Are they traditional or trendy? Big or small? Low-key or conspicuous? Metal or plastic? Rimless or not? Of course, a second pair of glasses should look quite different from your current pair. Think about what facet of your personality you want to show off. Do you want to come across as self-confident and flashy, or are you interested in something more low-key? If, up until now, you have been wearing rimless glasses or ones that only have very thin frames, then you might want to try out thicker rims. Just one look in the mirror will show you that this change completely alters your look. But don't pick a pair of frames just because they're stylish. They should also complement your facial features and convey your personality.

There are frames for every face

A person's face is as unique as their personality. Nevertheless, it is still possible to divide people's different facial shapes into specific categories. Follow these rules of thumb when looking your next pair of frames:

  1. People with an oval facial shape can wear any frames.
  2. If your face is rounder, then you should go for contrast. Prominent, rectangular frames will give your face more contours.
  3. The opposite applies to square faces. Your glasses should be round and, most importantly, big.
  4. Oval frames that aren't too small complement a thin, longer face shape the best.
  5. Rounded, oval frames highlight a heart-shaped face.

There are a few other details to keep in mind when picking out new frames. Cat eye frames can balance out prominent round cheeks. If you have a high forehead, then the frames should sit as high as possible on your face. Make sure they don't hide your eyebrows. If your eyebrows are too thin, frames with a dark edge can disguise this fact. Wide temples and rims are the best way to hide any wrinkles around the eyes.

Your glasses, your hairdo and you

Your glasses, your hairdo and you

Of course you want a hairstyle that matches your glasses and vice-versa. The good news is that there are glasses to suit virtually every hairstyle, but you should still make sure that your hair and frames work well together. Frames can complement every hairstyle, from short to shoulder-length and longer.

A straight bob paired with John Lennon glasses – that doesn't work so well. Wavy hair goes better with circular frames. But if your hair is really curly, then you might want to think twice about these frames. The reason: a thick mop of curly hair would draw attention away from your face. There is one exception, though. If your hair is short, then you can combine it with glasses of any shape.

Generally, slightly wavy hair looks great with any frame style, no matter how long it is. However, this doesn't apply to bangs. Long, straight bangs hide the wearer's face and can cover up much of the frames. Better to opt for a loose, flowing fringe which falls diagonally over your face.

The right look for any occasion: the ponytail. You can wear it any way you like to reflect how you're feeling.

But here's something to keep in mind:  if you're dyeing your hair or getting highlights, make sure the color coordinates with your frames.


To complete your new look, you'll need the right makeup. Eyeglass wearers should keep the following in mind:

  • Lenses for correcting near-sightedness make the eyes appear smaller. So opt for makeup which makes your eyes appear bigger. Take advantage of bright, lustrous tones such as rose, lilac, beige, bright grey or white and avoid using dark kohl eyeliner on the inner edge of the eye. This accentuates the eyelashes and "opens up" your eyes.

  • The opposite applies to far-sighted eyeglass wearers who wear makeup. They should opt for a dark, matte eye shadow to make their eyes appear smaller because the corrective lenses make the wearer's eyes appear bigger. Using a kohl pencil to accentuate the eyelids counteracts this, while thin,  fashionable lenses can reduce this fish-eye effect.

    Your makeup will look better and clearer if your eyeglass lenses have an optimum anti-reflective coating. A high-quality anti-reflective coating, such as the    DuraVision Premium coatings from ZEISS,  do more than just improve your look. They also reduce distracting reflections on the eyeglass lens and make driving at night and reading more comfortable. Here's another tip so that everyone notices your wonderful smile: if you're wearing striking, colorful frames, then select an unobtrusive lipstick color. If you are wearing more traditional or conservative frames, then a more vibrant lipstick is the way to go.

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