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ZEISS on your eyeglass lens

To me, all lenses look the same – how can I make sure I get ZEISS brand lenses?

16 October 2017
  • ZEISS on your eyeglass lens

Consumers have no trouble finding the names of manufacturers or brand logos on the frames of their glasses. Lenses, on the other hand, do not have logos that are instantly visible. Or do they? In fact, all ZEISS branded lenses have the ZEISS engraving on the glass to identify them as genuine ZEISS products.

ZEISS lenses have to pass extremely tough inspections to ensure they comply with all Carl Zeiss standards before they even leave our production sites. Consequently, we feel that every ZEISS branded lens should be identified by its trademark so that you, the patient, and your optometrist, can distinguish it from other lenses.

We laser-engrave a tiny ZEISS logo into all ZEISS branded lenses before they leave our laboratories. The ZEISS brand mark is engraved into the surface of the lens. The entire process is touchless and places the logo into a precisely defined location. The laser operates at a wavelength that ensures that the engraving is semi-transparent so it will not interfere with the wearer’s vision. The ZEISS quality seal is visible only when you look at the lens, not when you look through it.

On bifocal, trifocal and progressive lenses, the ZEISS laser engraving is placed in a position where it can still be easily identified once the glasses have been fitted into the frame by the optometrist. However, during the cutting process performed on single strength lenses, the required centering and cutting of the lens may make the logo disappear once the lens has been dimensioned to fit the frame after the edging work is complete and you may no longer be able to see it. However, there is no need for concern. You can count on the fact that your eye care professional has chosen ZEISS lenses. To make certain, he or she will give you an authenticity card that guarantees that your glasses are fitted with ZEISS lenses.

What are the differences between ZEISS Lenses and generic lenses?

The subtly-engraved ZEISS logo on your brand name lenses guarantees that you will enjoy optimal vision comfort. This state-of-the-art quality is achieved thanks to three unique technologies:

  • The purity of the raw materials thanks to filter technologies developed in-house
  • Premium selection guaranteed by particularly tough quality checks
  • Optimal light distribution thanks to innovative anti-reflective coating

For those of you who would like to know specifically what makes our lenses so different, we have provided an overview below:

ZEISS engraving on lenses
  • Glasses must meet certain minimum requirements mandated by law: they have to have a CE label. ZEISS lenses, on the other hand, are DIN EN ISO 9001/2000 certified. This certification extends far beyond the minimum requirements mandated by law and comprises superior quality standards that must be met not only by the product, but also in terms of staff qualifications. Our brand name lenses are produced only by trained personnel.
  • ZEISS warrants that optical impression quality is our first priority. It is more important than any other product criteria. At Carl Zeiss Vision, your perfect vision is our top priority.
  • Our in-house test specifications are even more far-reaching than those stipulated in the standards.
  • Carl Zeiss Vision guarantees that ZEISS lenses are adjusted only by qualified eye care professionals so that you can count on enjoying the benefits of an uninterrupted quality chain.
  • ZEISS lenses are also available for special lens prescriptions. ZEISS offers a wide range of options for individual prescriptions.
  • In order to offer you customized lenses that meet all of your individual needs, our ZEISS range of lenses includes a diverse and balanced range of choices.

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