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Better vision and more comfort at work

The new ZEISS Office lenses give you more relaxed vision, whether you work at a desk, computer or a manufacturing machine.

16 October 2020
  • Better vision and more comfort at work

Modern technology governs our life and makes it easier, both at home and at work. We spend a good portion of our time working with high-tech devices and displays. They help make us faster and more productive. If we want to stay focused for extended periods while using computers, smartphones, tablet PCs or other devices at work, we need good vision at near to intermediate distances. This field of vision, from roughly 1.5 to 14 feet, is the one we use most often in our daily routine. Reading glasses and even sophisticated progressive lenses are not ideal for this field of vision. Have you ever considered wearing eyeglasses that are specially tailored to the work you do?

For many people, the world of work is getting faster and faster and increasingly varied. Computers and other devices play important parts in the modern workplace. As a result, staying productive for long periods is essential. Our vision plays a key role here, especially when we're working in front of screens and displays. Our eyes have to endure strain in the near to intermediate fields of vision for many hours each day.

You might be already wear reading glasses or progressive lenses at work. However, our example shows that you can assume a very unnatural posture when wearing these types of glasses.

Wearing reading glasses for work:

Wearing reading glasses for work:

Reading glasses are ideal for very short distances. To see text and images well, you will automatically move closer to the screen. By doing this, you assume a poor posture. This can result in tension in your neck and back.

Wearing modern progressive lenses for work:

Wearing modern progressive lenses for work:

Progressive lenses allow you to see at all distances. The lower section of the progressive prescription eyeglass lens helps you see objects close to you. When working in front of a screen, you look through the bottom section of the eyeglass lens. To do this, you have to lift your head to see clearly through this part of the lens. This posture puts excessive strain on your neck and shoulders over long periods of time.

The new ZEISS office lenses for more relaxed vision.

The new ZEISS Office lenses for more relaxed vision.

The new ZEISS Office lenses are tailored to your specific needs and allow for a relaxed posture. These eyeglass lenses offer very large fields of vision from near to intermediate distances (between 1.5 and 14 feet). This lets you see and work at your best in precisely the range of vision your job requires. Your head and neck will be in a natural, relaxed position the whole day through.

Better vision with ZEISS Office lenses in three customized versions:

Thanks to technology developed by Carl Zeiss Vision for determining the maximum intermediate distance (Maximum Intermediate Distance = M.I.D.), ZEISS Office lenses can be adjusted to meet the viewing distance needs of the individual wearer. We offer everything from attractively priced lenses, to custom solutions tailored to extremely precise requirements. Eyeglass lenses are manufactured based on the maximum distance the individual eyeglass wearer needs to see on a day-to-day basis in the workplace. Called the M.I.D. value, this is the distance in the room that the wearer needs to see clearly and sharply.

There are three different versions:

  • Officelens "Book": "Book" has a strengthened focus for the reading area with a maximum distance of 3 feet. In comparison to reading glasses, which are generally designed for a fixed and individualized reading distance, "Book" offers a significantly larger field of vision for a more relaxed reading experience.
  • Officelens "Desk": With this design, the maximum distance the eyeglasswearer must see sharply and clearly is set at 7 feet. This version is ideal for people who work mainly at the computer or read a lot.
  • Officelens "Room": With this lens, the maximum distance is set to 14 feet, allowing the wearer to see from reading distance up to the intermediate field of vision. The "Room" model is designed for people who work with customers a lot and simultaneously work in front of a screen, for example.  This version is tailored to the specific needs of the spectacle wearer. The optimum maximum viewing distance in the room is defined with extreme precision for the spectacle wearer. In addition, the wearer's centring data, close-up working distance and spectacle frame dimensions are used in manufacturing these lenses.
  • ZEISS Office lenses, like progressives lenses and single vision lenses, are available from your ZEISS eye care professional in different designs (Officelens Book, Officelens Desk and Officelens Room) and with a variety of materials and features.

 ZEISS office lenses are not just for work

ZEISS Office lenses are not just for work

ZEISS Office lenses also help you see better in your free time, whether you're reading, watching TV, cooking, surfing the web, chatting online, or playing a musical instrument. Your eye care professional will be happy to advise you and select the best solution from the range of ZEISS Office lenses.

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