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Everything in view at the computer work station

Why special reading glasses can make your work easier

16 October 2019
  • Everything in view at the computer work station

Reading eyeglasses are often not ideal for desk work. You can see everything clearly when reading documents, but when a colleague walks through the door you cannot quite recognize him/her or you have difficulty looking back and forth between your documents and your colleagues during a big meeting. So what eyeglasses are right for presbyopia sufferers who work in front of a screen?

The computer has become a constant companion in our working environment. Frequent screen work is also very demanding on the eyes.

We often sit at our computers in a permanently tense state and grant our eyes very little relief. This can result in neck tension, headaches and red, watery eyes. For those who also suffer from presbyopia, a condition that adversely affects both short and long distance sight, there is the additional problem of choosing the right eyeglasses to facilitate working in a more relaxed manner.

Which eyeglasses are best for this application? Many people initially reach for their reading glasses when they have to do computer work. The door opens; your colleague is standing in the doorway and asks you a question. Now your glasses interfere with your longer range vision and you cannot see him/her clearly. At that moment, you might peer over the eyeglass frame and tense up as well.

Universal-progressives are not the perfect solution for the workplace either. They may allow you to see clearly at different distances, but the visual field for the near and medium range is often too small for prolonged close-up work and permanently strains the eyes. What to do?

Talk to your optometrist about enhanced reading eyeglasses with special progressive lenses. There is an intelligent solution for continuously clear vision for short to intermediate distances, a solution that is specifically coordinated for the visual demands at the workplace. The combination of reading eyeglasses and progressive lenses combines the different sight requirements of desk bound work.

Benefits of enhanced reading glasses:

  • Ideal for a large, consistent close-up range.
  • Wider, more harmonious field of vision for intermediate distances as well.
  • Positioning of the transitions between both fields for comfortable head and body posture.
  • Increased comfort not only at work, but also when your glasses are used to supplement your varifocals, e.g. for hobbies such as cooking or handicrafts.

Benefits of varifocal lenses for work stations with screens:

  • Extremely wide intermediate and close-up range.
  • Ideal for clear and continuous vision in the entire room up to 4 m.
  • Clearer overview without straining head movements.
  • Perfect for computer work as well as for handicrafts and hobbies

Not only will your eyes be grateful for the relief – you will also be more relaxed while doing administrative work at the office.

What else you should keep in mind to make your computer work less taxing on the whole body

An ergonomic sitting posture at the screen and the correct parallel arrangement of the monitor, keyboard and documents are particularly important for fatigue-free and comfortable vision at a computer work station. A couple of handles or a new chair can often help make work less straining.

Make sure that your screen has the highest possible refresh rate and image stability. Adjust your monitor so that the picture is rich in contrast and sharp. Also adjust the font size so that you can read the text easily and comfortably.

Our tip:  Also consciously relax your eyes every now and then during a long work day on the computer. Allow your eyes to wander around the room, look out a window, massage the area around your eyes and close your eyes briefly from time to time to regenerate them. We hope that these tips will help you keep the stress of your eyes and wish you great success at your job!

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