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Key prescription aspects to keep in mind.

The following guide explains the prescription information you need to provide when ordering ZEISS Optical Inserts – Prescription for Apple Vision Pro. Prescription practices may vary across the U.S. due to differing state laws. These points are for your reference and are not legal advice. If you have questions about your prescription, please ask your eye doctor.

  • We need your eyeglass prescription to create your ZEISS Optical Inserts – Prescription (sometimes also called distance prescription). This is why we ask you to upload it.

    Contact lens prescriptions or ones for task-specific uses (office or computer glasses, near reading glasses) don't qualify.

  • Your prescription should contain an expiration and/or issue date. If it doesn't have a date, please ask your eye doctor if the prescription is still valid. ​

    Expiration date: Please check if your prescription has an expiration date. If it does, please be sure your prescription has not expired. Otherwise, please contact your eye doctor. ​

    Examination/issue date: In the U.S., some states don't require an expiration date on the prescription. Instead, they provide an issue and examination date. The validity of prescriptions may vary depending on the state. Most prescriptions will be valid for 12 months, but some could also be valid for two or more years. If your prescription is older than 12 months, we recommend checking with your eye doctor to make sure it's still valid.​

  • Your eyeglass prescription needs to include your full name.

  • Prescriber's signature
    Prescriber's signature: Your eyeglass prescription must include the prescriber's (eye doctor's) clearly visible signature. Electronic signatures are accepted.

    Prescriber information
    Your eyeglass prescription must include the prescriber's information (e.g. name, address).

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