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The moment of inspiration when he decides to fly to Mars one day.

This is the moment we work for.

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The moment of inspiration we learn about our true size.

This is the moment we work for.

News and Interesting Facts

VELVET Fulldome System for Jakarta Planetarium

Inauguration in Spring 2014

Indonesia's capital boasts the country's only large-size planetarium. At the end of 2013, ZEISS supplied a digital fulldome system consisting of nine VELVET projectors, which synchronously project bright and brilliant fulldome imagery onto the planetarium's 22-m dome. In parallel, the UNIVERSARIUM star projector has been upgraded so as to be able to present the phenomena of the night sky with the best of perfection in unison with the digital projection.


8th FullDome Festival – May 22 to May 24, 2014

Jena Zeiss-Planetarium

The FullDome Festival is a key event for professionals and activists in the emerging field of 360-degree immersive multimedia productions. The purpose of the Festival is to showcase recent fulldome productions and to provide an open platform to promote the art, the business and the future of fulldome. The festival’s own “Janus Fulldome-Awards” have become sought after prizes that acknowledge excellence and creativity in fulldome productions.


ZEISS Planetariums and powerdome Theaters

Sky Theaters

for the smaller dome


Star Theaters

for medium and larger domes


Universe Theaters

for the largest domes


Product Highlights

Additional Services

Our Comprehensive Spectrum of Supplies

We will undertake extra services for your planetarium project and arrange the optimum scope of performance with you.


Project Support and Management

With ZEISS, you can be confident that your project is in good hands.


Training and Maintenance for Secure Operation

All planetarium and fulldome systems are installed and startup-tested by specialists from ZEISS.


powerdome Library and Additional Benefits

Our powerdome systems come with a comprehensive library of content, supportive plug-ins, a web interface and many more useful things.


Shows in Distribution

Astronomy and Space Exploration

The most important topic for each and every planetarium


Children and

Specially made for the youngsters and for parents to enjoy and learn!


Entertainment and Special Topics

Earth sciences, biology, human history, music shows and more


Short Films

Shorts for special events or as supporting films