Carl Zeiss Net Etiquette

We look forward to receiving your comments. Please observe the following general rules:
The comments function is intended for factual discussions. To ensure that this is the case, Carl Zeiss reserves the right to delete comments which are not beneficial for such a discussion or which do not refer to the entries. There is no entitlement to publication. Your email address will not be published and will only be saved together with the comments. We only publish the name or nickname and the publication date. This is an Internet portal which we are pleased to use for discussions with you. However, if you have any questions, doubts or ideas about our products or services, please directly get in touch with the contact persons known to you.

Net etiquette and the way of communication

  • Treat other users as you would like to be treated yourself.
  • Always remember that you are dealing with real, not virtual persons.
    Use hard arguments, but do not personally attack any persons.
  • Insults, sexual innuendos and sexist or racist comments of any type are not permitted.
  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You should therefore never try to impose your opinion on others.

The following will result in deletion of the comment or blocking of the IP address for further comments:

  • Wrongful use for the promotion of websites or web services
  • Automated comment posting
  • Offering goods or services (commercial or private)
  • Any form of insults and degrading of persons
  • Violations of the rights of third persons, in particular of copyrights
  • Announcements of demonstrations of any political tendency
  • Comments in none of the defined languages
  • Incitement to violence against persons, institutions or companies
  • Pornography
  • Racism and hate propaganda
  • Comments not referring to the entry in question

These rules also apply to the use of names. We shall not tolerate any violations of these guidelines and reserve the right to delete, edit, move or close such comments and entries. Every user is responsible for the entries he/she publishes.

Liability disclaimer
The comments on our entries exclusively reflect the opinion of individual readers. Carl Zeiss AG shall not resume any liability for the correctness and completeness of contents.

Thank you for putting your trust in Carl Zeiss.