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Carl Zeiss Meditec Share

Investing in Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, is an investment in the future of health. We drive the development of leading-edge technology and make it available for applications in the field of: ophthalmology, neurosurgery, ENT surgery, dental applications and systems for intraoperative radiotherapy in the treatment of breast cancer.

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Security Identification Numbers of CZM Shares  
Stock exchange abbrevation AFX
ISIN DE0005313704
Reuters Identification Code (RIC) AFXG.F (exchange floor)
Bloomberg AFX GR

Key Facts at a Glance

  • Basic Data
    ISIN DE0005313704
    Trading segment Prime Standard
    Designated Sponsors HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt AG
    Paying agent Commerzbank AG
    Share capital EUR 89,440,570.00
    Admitted capital EUR 89,440,570.00
    Category and nominal value No-par value bearer shares at a nominal value of EUR 1.00 per share
    Stock Markets Deutsche Börse, Frankfurt (XETRA and exchange floor, "Parkett")
    Regional stock exchanges in Berlin, Bremen, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart
    Capital measures

    Increase of the share capital of EUR 89,309,610.00
    against cash contribution by EUR 8,130,960.00 (approx. 10%) to EUR
    89,440,570.00; subscription rights of shareholders were excluded.

    Increase of the share capital of EUR 32,523,844.00 (divided into 32,523,844 no-par value shares) by EUR 48,785,766.00 to EUR 81,309,610.00 (divided into 81,309,610 no-par value shares); capital increase with subscription rights and against contributions in kind and cash contributions.

    Increase of the share capital of EUR 29,682,182.00 against cash contribution by EUR 2,841,662.00 (approx. 10%) to EUR 32,523,844.00; subscription rights of shareholders were excluded.

    Increase of the share capital of EUR 28,416,628.00 against contribution in kind by EUR 1,265,553.00 (4.45%) to EUR 29,682,182.00; subscription rights of shareholders were excluded; capital increase was part of the acquisition of the majority holding in IOLTech S.A.

    Increase of the share capital of EUR 28,833,300.00 against cash contribution by EUR 2,583,329.00 (10%) to EUR 28,416,629.00; subscription rights of shareholders were excluded.

  • Dividend

  • Key Share Data
      2017/18 2016/17 2015/16 2014/15 2013/14 2012/13
    Year-end price (EUR)1)
    72.5 44.17 34.03 25.00 22.97 22.07
    Year high (EUR)1) 76.6 47.45 37.34 26.21 25.04 26.88
    Year low (EUR)1) 44.85 31.00 24.49 19.88 19.75 20.01
    Year average (EUR) 56.91 39.70
    Daily order book turnover (XETRA) in fiscal year
    EUR 4,988,993 3,430,556
    Shares 85,818 86,412
    58,932 57,496
    46,527 57,205
    Number of shares as of 30. September (million shares) 89.4 89.4 81.3 81.3 81.3 81.3
    Market capitalization as of 30. September (million EUR) 6,484.4 3,950.1
    Earnings per share (EUR) 1.41 1.57 1.21 0.77 0.92 1.15
    Dividend per share (EUR) 0.552) 0.552) 0.42 0.38 0.40 0.45
    Dividend yield (%)1) 1.24 1.62 1.69 1.65 1.82 2.04

    1) End of fiscal year: 30. September.
    2) Amounts suggested by the Supervisory Board and the Executive Board of the Carl Zeiss Meditec AG.


  • Research Coverage
    Bank/Analyst Current Rating Date Price Target
    Deutsche Bank AG
    Falko Friedrichs
    Hold 12-08-2019 89.00€
    Markus Gola
    Outperform 09-08-2019 95.00€
    Bankhaus Metzler
    Alexander Neuberger
    Buy 09-08-2019 115.00€
    Kepler Chevreux
    Oliver Reinberg
    Reduce 17-07-2019 80.00€
    Berenberg Bank
    Scott Bardo
    Hold 16-07-2019 93.00€
    Bank of America Meryll Lynch
    Patrick Wood
    Underperform 19-06-2019 74.00€
    Commerzbank AG
    Daniel Wendorff
    Reduce 29-05-2019 64.00€
    Richard Latz
    Hold 27-05-2019 84.00€
    Jake Strole
      10-05-2019 50.00€
    Holger Fechner
    Hold 08-05-2019 92.00€
    Volker Stoll
    07-05-2019 99.00€
    Independent Research
    Bernhard Weininger
    Sell 07-05-2019 77.50€
    Hauck & Aufhäuser
    Aliaksandr Halitsa
    Buy 15-04-2019 92.50€
    DZ Bank
    Sven Kürten
    Sell 30-05-2018 46.00€
    Montega AG
    Henrik Markmann
    Sell 26-01-2017 31.00€
    EQUI.TS GmbH
    Thomas Schießle 
    Buy  26-01-2017  42.00€   

    Please note: Banks and securities firms use different terms for their equity ratings.The information contained in the table is based on publicly available sources that we consider reliable but for which we do not assume any liability.

    In particular, we do not guarantee that the information is complete, accurate or up-to-date. All ratings are based on opinions given by the analysts in question. These do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Carl Zeiss Meditec AG. The assessments may change at any time without prior notice. Exemption from liability applies to Carl Zeiss Meditec AG; it does not refer to the correct rendering of the information based on external sources, in particular public sources.

    Analyst assessments relating to Carl Zeiss Meditec AG shares are only revised each quarter and are therefore not continually updated.

  • Shareholder Structure

    Carl Zeiss Meditec AG's subscribed capital is composed of 89,440,570 ordinary shares, each with a theoretical par value of 1 € per share. The ZEISS Group holds around 59 % of the shares. According to our knowledge, the remaining 41 % are in free float.

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