Doctor explaining an EDoF IOL to patient

Characteristics of EDoF Lenses

Clear vision at intermediate and far distances

EDoF (Extended Depth of Focus) intraocular lenses use an advanced optical technology that allows to increase the range of focus compared to standard monofocal IOLs.

In this way, EDoF IOLs enable clear vision ranging from far up to intermediate distances, like e.g. a computer monitor. For close-up activities such as reading fine print and precision work, patients treated with EDoF lenses may need to wear reading glasses. However, they will experience less visual disturbances at night, which are sometimes caused by bright light sources with multifocal IOLs.

How EDoF Lenses Work

EDoF lenses work by bending the light entering the eye from intermediate and far distances and focusing this light onto a single focal point on your retina. This allows you to focus on objects at these distances simultaneously, providing good intermediate and distance vision through one lens. EDoF IOLs reduce or may even eliminate the need for glasses. Just like prescription glasses, your IOL will also be adjusted to your individual needs to give you the best vision possible.

Clear vision at intermediate and far distance with EDoF lenses
Man taking a selfie with a smartphone

EDoF IOLs in Everyday Life

Extended Depth of Focus (EDoF) lenses provide sharp vision over a wide range, allowing you to see objects clearly at different distances from far to intermediate: approximately at arm’s length. EDoF IOLs enable you to perform a broad spectrum of activities without glasses, including:

  • sports, 
  • socializing, 
  • working on the computer,
  • driving a car,
  • watching TV, 
  • cleaning,
  • cooking, 
  • shopping, 
  • other typical home and garden tasks.

Daily tasks become easier and more enjoyable. Most activities can be fulfilled without needing to wear prescription glasses, however, reading glasses may be necessary for small print.

Man driving car at nighttime

Advantages of EDoF IOLs

EDoF lenses combine the advantages of both monofocal and multifocal IOLs, providing the perfect balance between increased freedom from glasses and reduced visual side effects typically associated with multifocal IOLs.

Some patients are more, others less sensitive to these light phenomena, which may be experienced as halos or glare around light sources, especially at night.

Patients with EDoF lenses generally enjoy good night vision, which is particularly important for driving after sunset, for example. The undisturbed and reliable visual performance that EDoF lenses provide gives patients a feeling of added comfort and safety.

EDoF intraocular lenses are an ideal fit for individuals wishing to maintain an active lifestyle at an older age.

Doctor and patients with a reading chart

What you should know

EDoF lenses offer a high degree of spectacle independence. However, the achieved vision quality is very individual and may differ from patient to patient.

EDoF lenses offer a good fit for individuals interested in an IOL that combines greater freedom from glasses with high vision comfort day and night. Consult your doctor to see if an EDoF IOL might also be right for you.