Expert Voices on first experiences with the ZEISS ARTEVO 800

Expert Voices

on first experiences with the ZEISS ARTEVO 800

Ergonomics matters

More than half of ophthalmic surgeons suffer from neck and back pain with one cause being poor ergonomic practices in the operating room.1,2,3  Long-term effects include reduced productivity and serious musculoskeletal disorders.3  Working heads-up enables you to sit up straight and reduce physical discomfort – an approach that a vast majority of surgeons confirm as a key advantage.4

Sri Ganesh, MD

I very much enjoy working with the ZEISS ARTEVO 800 as the heads-up 3D display allows me to work in a more relaxed position. I do not want to change back to oculars.

Sri Ganesh, MD

Bangalore, India
Brandon D. Ayres, MD

The ergonomics of the ZEISS ARTEVO 800 is a boon to me, as it allows me to move and sit without hindrance.

Brandon D. Ayres, MD

Philadelphia, PA, USA
Erik L. Mertens, MD

The two points that convinced me most are that I was so relaxed – no neck pain, no back pain; that was really an eye opener for me. And the clarity of the image – I haven’t seen that much detail in any normal, standard microscope in the past. It’s the quality of what you see. I could see so much more compared to other microscopes. Being able to see the floaters in the vitreous in such details was impressive.

Erik L. Mertens, MD

Antwerp, Belgium

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