Seeing more with the first digital microscope.


  • DigitalOptics
  • AdVision: digital cockpit
  • Cloud Connectivity

Integrated DigitalOptics

View a stereoscopic 3D image on a 55” 4K monitor, providing you with a comfortable heads up position and your OR team with a real-time clear view of the surgery.

Integrated DigitalOptics

Excellent resolution and natural colors

See the fine details of the structure of the eye and the authentic imaging of natural colors.

25 % higher resolution1

Outstanding depth of field2

Save time and enhance workflow efficiency thanks to the decreased need to refocus during surgery.

Reduced light intensity

Patients are more comfortable during surgery when you operate at reduced light intensity, while maintaining an uncompromised level of brightness on the eye.

Up to 85% reduced light intensity with DigitalOptics3

AdVision: digital cockpit

Relevant data in your line of sight.

Make immediate decisions with AdVision® from ZEISS, where real time data can be overlaid onto the active image without blocking the surgeon’s view of the eye.

Real time data in the view of the surgeon

Never miss a detail.

Select cataract assistance functions, phaco vitrectomy values, as well as patient information and operating room settings to view during surgery. View intraoperative OCT images with 39% more OCT information.4

With the integration of intraoperative OCT and heads-up 3D display in one platform, a whole new world of opportunity has opened. It is the wave of the future.

Rishi Singh, MD

Cleveland Clinic, OH, USA
Cloud symbol

Cloud Connectivity

Access your data from anywhere, at any time.

Ensure your data is within easy reach to improve your workflow with Cloud Connectivity; whether it’s in the OR during surgery, in the office reviewing a procedure or in the classroom with students.


Stay focused on your surgery.

Designed to follow the surgeon’s workflow, AutoAdjust® automatically adjusts settings without additional interaction – for example, when switching between anterior and posterior segments.

Hybrid Mode

Visualization without compromise.

With Hybrid Mode you have the freedom to choose between hybrid and digital imaging without compromising the quality of visualization. No matter what you choose, your OR team will continue to view everything on the 55” monitor.

Doctors teaching possibilities

Teaching possibilities

Create an immersive teaching experience.

ZEISS ARTEVO 800 is an excellent ophthalmic microscope for teaching, letting you more easily demonstrate techniques using advanced 3D imaging technology. Your students can see everything you see, including brilliant OCT images and cataract assistance functions. They can also experience the enhanced visualization of DigitalOptics for natural colors, outstanding depth of field and high resolution.

Not only can students see the same images and information that you see while treating patients, you can provide guidance as they perform surgery using the same visualization. You can lead each student through surgery and offer precise instruction at every step. In a truly immersive and digital experience, you can engage the next generation of ophthalmologists in a completely new way.

Ergonomics matter in your OR

Ergonomics matter in your OR

Reduce neck and back pain.

More than half of ophthalmic surgeons suffer from neck and back pain with one cause being poor ergonomic practices in the operating room.5,6,7 Long-term effects include reduced pro-ductivity and serious musculoskeletal disorders.7

Working heads-up with ZEISS ARTEVO 800 enables you to sit up straight and reduce physical discomfort. Even during long days in surgery, you can stay relaxed and focused. This matters – just think of the number of days you spend in the OR over your career.

Benefit from the new freedom of movement provided by heads-up surgery – an approach that a vast majority of surgeons confirm is a key advantage of working with the ZEISS ARTEVO 800.4

On-demand webinars: Experiences with ZEISS ARTEVO 800

  • Anterior segment applications

  • Posterior segment applications


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  • 1

    Measured comparing the number of vertical T V lines of a 4K 3D monitor with polarization using a resolution test chart ISO 12233 from Esser. Comparing the ZEISS ARTEVO 800 to a competitor’s system on the same monitor with yields 1000 T V lines resolution for the ZEISS ARTEVO 800, and 800 T V lines resolution for the competitor’s system.   

  • 2

    Depth of field depends on magnification.   

  • 3

    Based on transmission calculation. Data on file. Increased optical transmission together with light sensitive ZEISS ARTEVO 800 cameras result in light reductions of up to 85% (according to Peter Stalmans, MD).

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    Data on file.

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